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Boston Biomedical Research Institute

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New Strategic Initiatives Announced at Boston Biomedical Research Institute

Tuesday June 20, 4:11 pm ET

WATERTOWN, Mass., June 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Boston Biomedical Research Institute (BBRI) has announced the formation of four new interdisciplinary programmatic initiatives that focus on disease-based basic research that build upon and bring together BBRI's unique strengths. Under the leadership of its Director, Dr. Charles Emerson, the groundwork for these programs began a year ago as part of a larger strategic plan initiative designed to address questions at the forefront of research that if answered, would ultimately further scientific discovery.


Scientists in each program area are beginning to develop specific plans for pilot projects. The Cancer Program will focus on generating therapies that prevent metastasis of lung, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancers, which are among the most deadly. The Cardiovascular Disease Program will search for new clues into the causes of heart failure, stroke and hypertension. The Regeneration, Development and Degenerative Disease Program will work with stem cells to deepen BBRI's expertise in Muscular Dystrophy and already established research programs in diabetes, aging and trauma. Finally, the Integrative Protein Biology Program will expand BBRI's core protein technology into systems biology enabling advancement in the areas of smooth muscle biology specifically looking into the cause and treatment of asthma.

Programmatic areas were introduced to BBRI Trustees and members of the Corporation in May by BBRI Faculty members Drs. Janice Dominov, Peter Erhardt, Eric Sundberg and Sarah Wilcox-Adelman and were welcomed with high enthusiasm and energy. BBRI Trustee and renowned cancer research pioneer at Children's Hospital Boston, Dr. Judah Folkman said, "BBRI has raised the bar in scientific excellence to an even higher level. The uniqueness of the Institute and its collaborative nature, combined with the originality of the proposed research projects, will enable BBRI to pursue cutting-edge basic and disease research."

Founded in 1968, Boston Biomedical Research Institute is a not-for-profit basic research institute dedicated to the understanding, treatment and prevention of a wide range of human diseases and conditions. For more information visit http://www.bbri.org.

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