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Getting to Know You - June 21


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Emotionally, to the year before Earl was diagnosed. It was a wonderful and happy year.

Historically, I would be a lady of the manor in 17th century England. Although, if I knew what I know today, (TV, computers, books etc) and didn't have them (obviously) I would have been bored out of my mind. But then again, the slow pace of life, the wonderful parties, the great dresses, how grand.

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1963 - 1990. The years between the birth of our oldest child and college graduation of our youngest. Loved those years. Historically,I think I'd stay right here where I am. Couldn't give up all the things we have today - computer, modern health care, etc,


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February 16 1997 the day I married Debbie at 12 nooon in west Palm beach in the garden at the little photo studio in Lantana.

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I would go back to Thanksgiving Day, 1992 just so I could spend his last holiday with my dad again.

Historically, I would go back to April 10, 1912, so that I could board the Titanic. My whole life I have felt drawn to stories about the Titanic, and by going back, maybe I could fulfill some sort of reverse destiny. Either that or simply drown. :shock:

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It would be the day my mom went to the hospital for the last time. My sister was with her the whole day as I was working and had calls from my sis.

Mom was talking funny so they took her to emergency. I got to the hospital as they were incubating her.

I would have left work and been with her that day.

I would not have them incubate her. To me that is what killed her has they tore hole in her esophagus which filled up with air. She blew up and it felt like rice crispies all over her body.... can't get into more about what followed but I would go back to that day.

Mom may have been 94 but I know she would have lived to be 100.

Maryanne :cry:

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