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MRI results


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Well, I received the MRI results yesterday. I guess there's good and bad news. I have 2 new brain mets, so they want to do another radio surgey. I asked about using the non-halo procedure but the suerosurgeon said he would not even consider it. Both mets are about 1 millimeter.

They also found a tumor mid spine which they believe is accounting for the pain I have had for over a month - so the good news is they found and can treat the cause of the constant pain. This also has an option of using radio surgery, but since the program isn't starting for a month, I doubt that I'll wait. By the time it starts (assuming it starts on time) I could have been done with standard radiation.

I need to see the radiation doctor to determine what my schedule will be and then I also see the onc on Monday to see will I stay on chemo during this. I also on Monday have a ct to see how my current chemo (alimta) is working. That could also play a role in this.

I'm bummed but praying all goes well and we can quickly get rid of these things.


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Mary -

You will get that pain taken care of and I think your outlook on everything will change! I have had some pain in my life -- nothing like bone met pain -- yet I know the incredible relief that comes when you are pain-free.

Thinking of you and praying that the radiation works quickly.


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Mary, I am sorry you got the bad news. There are a number of cyberknife centers in Florida where they can kill the tumors easliy in your brain and on your spine. No halo is required. The following link is to a message board staffed by radiation oncologists. One of them is from Florida..

Jerome J. Spunberg, M.D., FACR, FACRO

Cyberknife Center Of Palm Beach


(561) 799-2828

Here is the link:


Here is another link to the manufacturer's web site that allows you to find where the centers are located:


I cut and pasted the adresses of the facilities from the above web page here:

coming soon! CyberKnife Center at North Florida Radiation Oncology

Gainesville, FL, 32605, USA

More Info

CyberKnife Center of Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL, 33401, USA

More Info

CyberKnife Center of Miami

Miami, FL, 33156, USA

More Info

NCH Regional Cancer Institute

Naples, FL, 34102, USA

More Info

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