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Anyone have any ribs removed??


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My Buddy had three ribs removed on 9/11/02 and constantly spoke of the pain in that area. Tried many different pain meds but none worked for the pain. come to find out, he had bone cancer in the ribs. That was a shock. If I didn't insist on them doing something about that pain that never went away, we would probably still think it was from the operation as they kept saying. So if the pain lasts more then 4 or 5 months have them scan the area.

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I believe I have mentioned before, my mentor and 16 yr lung cancer survivor had ribs removed because the tumors was so large in the apex of his lung Taht it was into the ribs. He told me it slowed down his back swing but did improve his golf game! Did you do a "search" with the word "rib" ? Donna G

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