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Getting to Know You - June 22


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When was the last time you stubbed your toe so bad that it brought tears to your eyes? Come on now, I know this is something that has happened to all of us. If not, you're one lucky person?

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About six years ago, my best friend from Tennessee was coming to visit me in Florida for the very first time. I was so determined to have a spotless house when she arrived. The final thing I had left to do was to damp mom my kitchen floor. Well, I hit my toe on the chair and immediately saw stars. Turns out, I broke the toe but I managed to not miss a beat while she was here. We did Disney, Universal Studio, the beach and everything else imaginable. The day she left, I broke down and went to the ER, only to find there was nothing they could do but to tape two toes together. I'm so glad I did all those things, as I lost her two years later to leukemia.

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