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Bed rest Hall Pass


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I just wanted to request a hall pass for the next 3 days.

Tomorrow morning I go in for my egg transer for Invetro Fertilization. After the procedure I'm suppose to be on complete bed rest for at least 3 days.

There may be a small chance I can use the computer, if I can get it positioned where I can use it flat on my back. But the odds are probably more unlikely than likely.

I will be thinking, praying, and sending love to all of you while I'm off.

God Bless

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Thanks guys, what would I ever do without ya'll.

Kasey, I'll get my first early pregnancy test July 3rd and the definitive on July 5th.

I'm hoping so much this works this time. With how poorly Keith is doing, I want so much for him to feel the joy of being a father and knowing that a piece of him lives on. He so deserves some joy, some goodness, a reason to smile again. I so miss his smile, I can't remember the last time he smiled and I feel like I'm forgetting what it looks like.

Thanks for all your support here. I know so many people think I'm crazy for doing this. But they just don't understand.


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Hi Carleen,

Like I said the other night.... will be thinking of you and sending out lots of positive energy to you.

So glad you mom will be there to help you.

Good luck sweetie,

Maryanne :wink:

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