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Lung Cancer Alliance and Emerging Meds form Alliance


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Lung Cancer Alliance and Emerging Meds Join forces for Clinical Trials finder

http://www.emergingmed.com/LCAnewslette ... l1_no1.htm

Exploring Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

The Lung Cancer Alliance and EmergingMed have joined forces to make sure that patients diagnosed with lung cancer know all of their treatment options - including clinical trials.

LCA Clinical Trials Education Series Volume 1, Number 1

Our Clinical Trials Specialists Will Help You Search for Lung Cancer Studies

The Lung Cancer Alliance Clinical Trial Matching Service, powered by EmergingMed, is a free and confidential pre-screening and referral service that quickly identifies clinical trials to match each patients's specific diagnosis, stage, and treatment history. Clinical Trial Specialists are available by telephone to guide patients, families and health care professionals through a search of over 390 lung cancer studies in the United States and Canada. After an initial pre-screening conversation, your clinical trial specialist is there with you every step of the way to make sure:

The studies you are interested in contact you.

All your questions are answered.

You receive detailed study information to share with your medical team.

You are not alone in this process!

Our service is designed to give you plenty of time to discuss clinical trials options with your medical team and to weigh the risks and benefits of all treatment alternatives.

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