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Full day Biopsy??


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What would cause a bopsy to take an entire day to perform? My friend Annie who is like my moms sister because they are so close socially is having a biopsy next friday and the Surgeon said all day to do. She had surgery last year and a checkup found something. Mom is going nuts w/ Annie and Dad still in hospital but ortho ward Out of CICU. Annie is a mess of course. She is a private person and doesn't discuss med things with a lot of people so I will probably be a support for her and ya'll will hear fromme for her after biopsy results. Right now trying to comfort her and calm her at least a little. Her sister in Scotland died a month ago from LC She was smoker Annie is ansd was not a smoker.

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It took me 6 1/2 hours to get through a fine needle biopsy back in '04! Nothing went wrong it just took that long for them to run EVERY conceivable test before and after to make sure they wouldn't get sued in case something happened once I left.

I was ready to bolt after 2 hours of various blood tests by overly cheerful and incompetent aides and nurses. They did a clotting test to make sure I wouldn't bleed excessively but couldn't get an accurate read since I would clot so quickly before they could do the measurement. Wouldn't you think that would be proof enough that I won't have any bleeding issues? :roll: They still kept trying to repeat the test.

If she's going in for an open biopsy then she'll likely be under general anesthesia and that's why they're telling her it will be an all day thing.

Praying her biopsy goes off without a single hitch and that there is good news to report.

God Bless.


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yes it is She had surgery last year with no Chemo or Radiation Follow up because they said they got it all. OH WELL :roll: THanks for input all

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