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Mama is coming home!!

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Well, I am off to take mama to her neurosurgeon to see how her brain looks per her MRI yesterday. We are then heading home!! I can't believe it's finally here. Please pray that she is happy here. Her favorite person in the whole wide world lives here-my son Graden. He got out of bed singing about "nana's coming home!" so I hope this continues. I worry about the noise if she has a headache. I have taken many pics of the house and I will be posting them soon.

I wanted to thank everyone here who has given me courage to keep stepping up for my mom, being her voice when she doesn't have one, and loving us unconditionally.

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Lor--I am so happy for you and your Mom that this is finally happening. And so proud of your for always stepping up to the plate for her. You are awesome.

I worried about noise when Carolyn and I moved in with Mom... All Mom could say over and over was that even when she was crying she *LOVED* to be able to hear her. Now, I'm sure there were some sounds she loved more than others, but I do believe she really did. ;) It'll be good for your Mama to be with people that she loves. Even (Especially) little, adorable, rambunctious ones!

Keep us posted!

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I know how long you have waited for this day to finally arrive. I just know that everything is going to work out fine and both you and your mom are going to be so happy!

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