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Good and Not So Good...


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We got the results of my husbands' MRI and CT today:

On the good news: My husbands' brain is empty :lol: ....all of his lesions are gone!!!!!

On the not so good news: but I don't know if you would say bad, but "ah" or perhaps ? (what does that mean???? - I would ask)....after one round of chemo, he couldn't go for more chemo, platelets are very low and it's messing up his blood big time..so this stops and also even though the tumors in his liver and adrenal gland haven't changed, his tumor and nodes in his right lung have grown a slight bit..

So the oncologist and radiologist are going back and forth, radiologist wants to nuke the chest a little bit, onc. not too keen, because of the sistemic nature of small cell...

But - "wifey" here :D --- says...hey what about gamma or cyber knife...there are 2 good hospitals in Boston, and he wouldn't have to go thru all those rounds of radiation....

The onc. think that perhaps , but where the tumor in the lung is so unstable ( it's not still....a moving target per say ), and close to the heart..he doesn't know if it could be done....so he's going to pow-wow w/ the radiologist and we're just waiting....and waiting.....

Well that's it for now...


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Hi Grace,

Really glad to hear the good news about the brain mets. That is so wonderful!

As far as the other, sounds very positive in the game planning and pow~wowing. I will keep you all in my prayers~

Sending love and positive thoughts!

Hugs, too!


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Grace Have you tried or thought about Neulasta, Procrit or Aranesp instead of transfusion?Just a thought for you. saying extra prayers for ya'll up north.

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Hi Grace;

One of cyberknife's major advantages is that it can kill moving targets as one breathes.

Another is that it can kill tumors in difficult areas where nearby critical organs are involved. It won't cure metastatic cancer, but can be very effective at controlling mets as long as there are not too many.



Don M

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Hi Grace,

Glad to hear the good news on the empty head club. On the platelets I can only give you my experience. My understanding is they won't give chemo if the platelets drop below 100,000. I had it happen twice in the beginning and got a platelet transfusion each time, adjusted the dosage and once they were back up continued with chemo. Of course everyone is different and each treatment is different. Hope this helps. Prayers for the best.


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