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Final cookbook sell-out!


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For those newcomers, we published a cookbook with proceeds to benefit LCSC. You can see the picture in the second announcement on top of this forum.

I am in the final sale stages. I sent Katie $2,500 so far and will be sending another $500 shortly from proceeds.

For those who want to order, please PM me with your address and order, or e-mail me at andreascheff@adelphia.net (my lchelp.org e-mail is temporarily down). The books are $12 each. You can order through payapl sending payment to andrea@lchelp.org when you log onto paypal; or you can mail me your check (I will provide the mailing address in a PM or e-mail)

The remaining books thereafter will be sent out as donations to various events, per some members requests :)


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Thanks Andrea and all the wonderful members here at LCSC that helped you put this awesome cookbook together. :wink: I know that countless hours went into makeing this cookbook happen. You all did a wonderful job! :wink:

THANK YOU ALL! The proceeds have really helped to keep LCSC up and running.

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Andrea, you did a wonderful job of making these wonderful cookbooks happen. Thank you so very much for helping to raise these much needed operating funds.

For those of you that haven't ordered one of these books, I strongly urge you to do so right now. The recipes are all very good, user friendly recipes that come from the kitchens (and hearts) of members right here on our board. You don't have to be a gourmet chef to prepare any of these delicious dishes. In addition to making a great cookbook for your collection, they make great gifts. Please order a couple today!!!

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