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Newbe looking for suport


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Oh, you've got special drive Dani (if no one ever told you that before) -- I've never "met" anyone like you in my personal life before -- your words inspire something special, for sure. Don't be embarrassed....just shine on Dani: who you simply are, by example, will do great things for many, many others, I assure you.


P.S. You're lucky on the near and varied terrain for training...I have friends training for relay-team jogging marathons and we all live at near sea level. They get wiped out on the hills in the marathons and I keep telling them to alter training at high altitude, like close-by Mt. Rainier. Thought that would help from what I've heard (and of course, I personally don't jog [too hard on the knees for me]....lol).

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Welcome Dani. I love the fact you are so anxious to get back to what you love to do as it beats the alternative of not living life.

My mom did not have surgery but her first chemo carbplatin and Taxol left her very weak and we had to cart her around in a wheel chair if it was more then a few steps yet she insisted on doing all the cooking for herself and my dad and whatever visitors they had. When I would visit I would offer to do the cooking and she would get mad so as hard as it was to watch her move around the kitchen grabbing on to the counters for support I learned to just let her do it. She made the comment that cooking was the one thing she could still do and I realized how important it was to her to feel she was still needed and still could contribute to life. She did not want to be an invalid. Thank god Tarceva changed all of it and she was up zooming around soon after starting it and back to living a pretty normal life.

I think as caretakers we just want to help and protect our loved ones and don't stop to think that by taking over we deprive them of things that make them feel alive. Lets face it if you are still alive you want to feel like you are and be treated like you are. Hugs and prayers coming your way from another Californian. Jan

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