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Anyone have experience with radiation to the spine? I have a tumor T8. It has been causing a good deal of pain - so I am relieved they finally discovered the cause. I see the radiation onc tomorrow. I am hoping they can schedule the sim and get me started as soon as possible.

I'm wondering if you have any experience that I need to watch out for or ask about.


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Mary, Lucie's main tumor was on her spine at C7-T1, upper back. She had immediate radiation there of 14 sessions because of the severe pain and the threat of further damage to the spine. She is on permanent morphine because of the pain in the spine, but does fine.

Because it was close to her esophagus, she did have some esophageal discomfort and difficulty eating,but that healed with time. Good luck! Don

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Hi Mary,

Sorry to hear about your pain! I recently had radiation for mid back pain at T12 in my spine. The LC had metastized there and to my right ischuim (pelvic bone/bone you sit on in my butt :roll: ).

I was given radiation on the spots for two weeks, five days a week. It took about 3 weeks to notice major improvement in my back, and less than a week on the pelvis bone.

I no longer have pain in my back at all and my last scan said that the cancer disappeared with the radiation and the Tarceva/Avastin/Zometa therapy I am on.

Questions to ask, what other areas will the radiation affect (hair loss, dry mouth, etc. Mine was close to my intestines so I was a bit nauseated.

Hang in there, I hope your pain is gone soon.


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