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Tarceva and oils


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Hey everyone--Here's the scoop:

Last month I went to a motorcycle rally and my face ended up looking like "the creature from the black lagoon" because of Tarceva. Anyway, I have had an ongoing rash since the start of the treatment (over 1 year) and have spents hundreds of dollars in trying to find skin care products that work in controlling my severe dry skin and rash complications. During the rally,I visited an aesthetician at a spa there and she was well versed in homeopathic skincare. She recommended essential oils and did a test on me that left me dumbfounded. At the time, I was using aquaphor(petrolatum) and was only covering up the face and skin mess and not healing. For the last month and a half I have used only essential oils and a product from aveda called all sensitive body formula. Here is a list of what I have tried that have not worked on my skin:

Aveda -sensitive skin exfoliator

Andrew Weil -Plantidore Mega Mushroom Face Cream

Gentle Naturals--Baby Eczema Cream

Eucerin-Calming Cream


Palmer's- Olive Oil Body Butter (better than most)

Avon-Moisture 24

Bigelow-Incredibly moisturizing face cream restorative formula

Bliss-lemon sage body butter

Jergens-natural glow

aphrodite-olive oil and chamomile lotion

Kiss My face- Moisturizer for extra dry skin

Spa-botanical body lotion

Oil of olay- Smooth skin exfoliating scrub

Origins-swept away

Suave-moisturizing body lotion

Mimyx-(recommended by dermatologist)

Head and Shoulders prescription (recommended by dermatologist) burnt my face really bad.

Ther dermatologist said that I had the same yeast that causes dandruff on my face.

Have helped:

Aveda--All sensitive (worked best)

Aubrey Organics--White Camellia Oil(worked best)

Jason-Essential exotic oils

Aubrey organics--vegecol collection

Aubrey organics--facial scrub

So far, this is what has worked and this is the first time I have gone this long without a breakout. My face feels great and it has also helped with the radiation dermatitus on my back. What I have found through significant research is that many, many of the over the counter and prescription products contain alchohol (preservative) and petroleum (will burn tires) and have not been good for my skin. I know the organic products are not as cost effective but I sure do feel better about using them on my body.

I was wondering if any of you on Tarceva have found any all natural products that have worked?

I was also thinking if we could get a list together, maybe we could contact those companies and start bringing in some funds for lung cancer. I was at the grocery store yesterday and saw a toothbrush you could buy and a percentage of the funds to breast cancer.

What do you think? I'm willing to write a letter and voice my opinion but I do know there are strength in numbers. Anybody want to join in?



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Awesome idea! I love it. I don't have any information, but if you need any help with anything, let me know. I am an English teacher, and have little to offer but possibly proofreading skills! Either way, let me know. I find myself getting more and more empassioned with this site and its possibilities.


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I'm sorry I'm late coming in here with a response...been out of the country for almost two weeks and unable to access internet. Bill had ALOT of luck with Olay Moisture Rinse when he was taking Tarceva. It seemed to clear the rash up by about 80% within a week. I'm working to get some product shipped out to Ry for the Boston Walk in November and have kept the local cancer center where Bill received his treatments in stock of samples/trial sizes to give out to patients when they start on Tarceva. I hope that you find something that works great for you. Looking forward to seeing you again this coming weekend.



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Have you tried Reliv products? I don't have lung cancer, but I started using them to boost my immune system, and generally feel better, (my mother recommended it to me) and my skin feels so good and so clear, and totally soft. She has been on it for several months, and it has totally changed her. TOTALLY. She looks amazing!! It's worth a try. I use the Reliv Classic, Fiberstore, and Energiser all together. It is an all natural vitamins, antioxidants, and herbs for health. It comes in a powder form. GREAT GREAT STUFF. You can go to the website or find it cheaper on Ebay. Just a thought for you! But I can tell a difference in my skin!

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