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Greenfield Filter ...Taxotere ?


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Tim had 2 more blood clots break off and go to his lung WHILE he was in the hospital...so yesterday they inserted a greenfield filter...hopefully he will be coming home tomorrow..may need oxygen until the clots dissolve..but they feel this will take care of his problem along with the Lovenex.

Dr. E is going to start him on Taxotere when we get back from vacation..she saw no real progression, and may still keep him on the Iressa...but she thinks this is worth a try....

Can anyone give me any experiences with either the filter or Taxotere?

Thanks !


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My experience with Taxotere was that it was very easy. Unfortunately, it didn't do much for my cancer, but I had no problems with it other than being jolted into menopause. I didn't have nausea; my appetite stayed good; I went back to work about an hour after I left the oncologist's office (I went out to lunch first).

Good luck to you both.


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Lucie was on Taxotere, combined with carboplatin, for her chemo treatment. It was very effective for her. She completed the treatment, along with radiation on specific bone mets, in late May. She lost her hair, her nails went black and rough, she had some numbness in the tips of her toes and fingers, nausea (we combatted that with medication and frequent eating), some diarrhea, mouth fungus. It was all worth it. Don

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Buddy is on taxotere now. he is getting a total of three treatments one every three weeks. he has had no problems except his blood count was down this time and they had to give him a shot of Aranesp 200 mg. whatever that is....he gets his last treatment next tuesday, then he will have scans done again to see how these treatments did...i am having him rinse his mouth with baking soda twice a day for I heard you can get problems there....don't need anymore problems.....

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