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Update on Alan Good News


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Well I wanted to share the most best news. Alan's Pet Scan come out NEGATIVE for cancer. So what appeared to be recurrence according to the CT Scan, is negagtive on the PET Scan. Still waiting for a call back from the Dr.'s office but needless to say Alan and I are holding on to this news. Appears to be a big spot of scar tissue. Kind of makes me feel a little foolish for posting the news of cancer being back, but that is what even our Dr. was convienced it was.

Dr. office called, Dr. Mahmood did NOT see report before he left. We know the PET scan was negative, but have no COMPLETE answers as to what the next step to be absolutley positive is. He is back in office on July 5th so that is when I will call next.

So the power of prayer has worked once again. Thank you to everyone for their prayers. I could have done without the additional stress, but can live with that.

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