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My husband finished WBR a month ago, the side effects that he experienced the most and still to some extent experiencing are very fatigued, he did have a bad burn on the back of his head, but treated it with silverdeme ( something like that - given by the radiologist ), some short term memory problems. He didn't have any ringing in his ears from radiation, but did have some during the end of his first few rounds of chemo, he was given other medications to help him with the side effects as well, what helped him was getting off some of those medications...You or your mom should ask if this is common and if it isn't would she need to see an ears, nose and throat specialist -- my husband did see one in the beginning...but his ringing eventually went away. I hope for the best for your mom.


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I have not had experience with this, but I asked the same question a while back. It sounds to me like side affects can show up at any time after...most commonly after 6 months. So...read the boards, and even try a search for WBR and you can get a ton of information!

God bless and best of luck!


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