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Thinking of you all


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To all my friends,

It has been quite a long while since I have been here to visit... Please know that I have not forgotten any of you... you are always in my prayers and thoughts. I needed to separate from the site for a while for personal reasons, Daddy has been gone 18 months now and it honestly is not much easier for me. I try to stop in once in a while to check on everyone... good news and bad news...

Katie, I hope the bash in Texas is awesome! Y'all down south know how to through a great party!!! Enjoy every second of it. Much Love to you all, Sharon

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So glad you "stopped by" for an update and a visit -- while I don't "know" you well since I am much newer here than you and things do tend to be a blur at times in this journey, I just know you are as awesome as the rest of the bunch here. Sincerely hope you are doing well and hope you'll come back to offer your insights more frequently when/if you are up to it.


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Wow, what a pleasant surprise to see you


It really IS painful to lose our fathers,

my dad was gone for a few years before I

joined or I don't know if I could have stayed

either. You needed some time away, I'm sure

this forum was a constant reminder.

Wish you the best and hope to see you post more often. I hope there is some positive things

going on in your life that you might like to



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I am fairly new to the site, but wanted you to know that I am thinking and praying for you since the loss of your dad. Our parents are our rocks and it is so hard to see something like this happen. I pray that God grant you peace during the time that is still difficult for you. May He give you strength to make it through each day and to continue healing after such a difficult journey.

God bless Sharon!


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Hi Sharon,

Glad to see your "checking in" post. I don't post much but I do check in here and keep everyone in my prayers. I can relate as far as missing your Dad ...I am finding it harder to deal with now and it will be 2 years in November since he passed. I can't even explain the feelings sometimes.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that your little grandson is lighting up your life.

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