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I wanted to pass this email that I received today from Stephi's son. I am not sure if he knew she was a member here or not. She had her hands full of caring for others. Please keep her family in your prayers. She had three kids, but I am not sure of their ages. I know that her husband had lung cancer and her mom had cancer too.

Here is the email........

Hello Every One,

For those of you who do not know me my name is Trey Smith. I am stephony's youngest son.I am saddly writing to inform you all that my Mom died today, Sunday, June 26 at about 5:30 PM. She was visiting her mother, my grandmother at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans when she started to feel like she was having hot flashes of sorts. My Mom and Donna who is a cousin of ours told my grandma that they were going to get something to drink and then informed a nurse that my Mom was having trouble breathing and so on. And I believe that she knew that she was having another heart attack as well. They then informed a nurse and they put her in a wheel chair and rushed her down to the ER They worked on her for about a half hour to thirty-five minutes and then after not being able to revive her they called it.

So now we have to deal with this loss whilst at the same time consol her husband, my step-dad Larry, and my grandma whom we told at about 9:00 that her daughter had just passed away.

If any of you want to make it to the funeral services you can call me, or my sister Lauren and we will give you any info you might need. We aren't exactly sure when the wake and funeral will be but we are thinking Thursday and Friday tenitavely. And services will be held at the McNeely & Son Funeral Home in Hammond, La.

On my moms behalf I thank you all for your love, support and friendship and I wish you all well. Thank you.


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Am So Sorry to hear this News. Please accept Prayers for Strenthgh and Courage during this difficult and Tumultous Times. Also Accept my most deepest condolences.

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This is so hard to hear. Stephi was so supportive of me and Ken. Her husband is also a Vietnam Vet. She told me she had almost died from a heart attack some months ago and I was worried about her since she had so much to deal with with both her husband and mother. Life can be so incredibly unfair. My deepest condolences to all of her family.

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