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June 21st heaven gained another angel...


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After a very courageous battle...Dad passed from this earth on June 21,2006 at 7:55 a.m with SM, myself, my two sisters and my brother surrounding him. He spent a total of 9 days in the hospice house and we made some really wonderful memories there. The last day Dad was completely unable to speak (and I pray feel anything) -- the last couple hours of his life were peaceful and filled with love! This was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I would not have missed a moment of it.

We had a small (his wishes) memorial service for him yesterday and all of my siblings will return home by tommorow afternoon. SM/myself are going to pick his remains up from the mortuary on Thurs and I am returning to OH on Sunday. We will be planning a family gathering for later in the fall (after the threat of fire in Az diminishes) to fulfill the remainder of his wishes. We are also planning to do a eternal reef http://www.eternalreefs.com/ in his memory sometime next year - when we can really "celebrate" his life, rather than morn.

He was a great man, and a wonderful father, grandfather and great grandfather. We will forever miss him but know that he will be with us in our hearts forever!!!

I am incredibly sad for myself, my family and his many, many friends. But I cannot bring myself to be sad for him... at long last he is free! He is finally no longer be limited or bound by pain! I have the deepest faith that he is surrounded by those we love that have gone before him and that he is now in the loving hands of God.

We played the Brad Pasley/Dolly Parton song "When I get Where I'm Going" at his memorial service.. Dad would listen to it and (often shed a tear or two) but would always say that it described he felt it was written just for him....

"Yeah when I get where I'm going

There'll be only happy tears

I will shed the sins and struggles

I have carried all these years

And I'll leave my heart wide open

I will love and have no fear

Yeah when I get where I'm going

Don't cry for me down here"

He would not want us to cry sad tears - so we are holding tight to the many, many wonderful memories and trying our best to recall his raised eyebrow, half smirk smile that we all knew so well and loved so deeply!! We will love you FOREVER Daddy -- you will ALWAYS be a part of us!

Many, many THANKS to all of you "angels who helped lift me up during our journey" -- without this board our journey would have been much harder! God Bless you all!!


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am so sorry to hear this Please accept Condolences and Prayers. Was blessed to be surrounded by the Ones He loved most I too cry when I hear that Song along with several Others and am glad his passing was peaceful.

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So very, very sorry for the loss of your Dad. From your description, it sounds as if you had a beautiful service. I'll be remembering you and your family in my prayers.

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I am so, so sorry for your loss. Eternal rest be granted unto him oh Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon him always. Dear Lord, please be with Cindy and her family at this time, when life is so hard to understand. Please help her to know your peace, and your warmth as she grieves as moves into a new time of her life. Thank you for helping her to know your loving arms, and may you continue to bless her and her family throughout today, tomorrow, and always.

God bless,


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I am grateful that you shared this powerful story with us. I knew exactly what you meant about feeling sad for yourself but happy for your dad. Honoring him with your strong words of grace has moved me very deeply.

BIg hugs to you and please know I am here to listen.

take care of yourself. You have just done an monumentous thing...saying good bye to the most important man in your life. I know this love will grow in death as it did in life.

Ask me again about this kind of growing pain.

It hurts but love blossoms.

much love,


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