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Is there a chance for remission?

Guest MomOTwins

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Guest MomOTwins

I was diagnosed in August with stage 3B Adenocarcinoma, one lymph node involved in the middle of my chest, pleural effusion drained and talc procedure performed. I have had 6 treatments with taxol/carbo. After each treatment he said the lymph node shrunk and so did the tumor which is very small. After the last treatment he said the lymph node had "disappeared". I am now undergoing 7 weeks of radiation with a small dose of Taxol every week. Then perhaps 6 more chemos with taxol/carbo.

Can anyone tell me my chances for full remission? Does this sound like a good scenario to those of you who have been around awhile? My dr. sucks at answering question but I just would like to hear some good news for a change rather than "wait and see".

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Dear MomOTwins,

Well, let me see if I can answer that question!! hummmm!

First is there a possibility that you are a canidate for surgery now? I would suggest reading Judy B's messages and look and what she wrote in the Inspiration Forum.

I did NOT have pleural effusion however, I was a stage IIIA when I went into surgery and when I came out I was a IIIB. Reason being I had 2 lymph nodes that were cancerous. They removed them along with a few extras as well as my left lung and here I am 7 years and 8 months later, (but who's counting)?! hehehe!

As for will you be a survivor? You already are!! Will you live another 5, 10, 15, 20 years, I don't think anyone can answer that for you!!! But, you do have a good chance of beating this, just like so many others have.

Read over some of these messages and get educated so when you talk to your doctor, you know what your talking about!! It honestly does help to have the power of KNOWLEDGE!!!

Good luck my friend, and hang in there!! You are and can be a long term SURVIVOR!!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Hi MomOTwins,

Sounds like good progress to me. Although my mom's condition would best be described as cancer of the pleura because of malignant pleural effusion, they assumed the primary was lung, so have treated it as Stage IIIB adenocarcinoma. I wonder now though, because they told me that with pleural effusion radiation is not an option. Guess it depends on your doctor. Was there only one tumor? As long your tumor responds then you should be fine. "Keeping it away" is whats tricky. My mom was practically a Stage IV, because the pleural effusion eventually became bilateral. She is almost in remission now.

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