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Dad's test results


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Just got back from seeing the pulmonary doctor with my dad. We got great news as based on the PET scan results it did not light up at all and the overall shape of the nodule they do not feel it is cancer.

He does have advanced emphysema changes and lots of what they feel is old TB scarring so they feel this nodule is probably related to that.

He was exposed to TB as a child and probably had a mild case of it that cured itself with bed rest as he has in an accident when he was a boy and spent over 6 months in bed. He also has always had positive TB skin tests meaning yes he did have it at one time, but it is not active.

The doctor says they will repeat a CT in 6 months just to be sure that is a stable nodule which based on everything else is fine with me.

I read a post by Don the other day that mentioned how kids that have parents with lung cancer have the added worry that they too may get it. Don that is so true but now that it seems it is just my mom I sigh relief as the fact she got it at 80 makes me believe it is not genetic.

When I thought my dad had it too once again I was thinking not genetic ( as I think those tend to be the cancers at earlier ages) but possibly an exposure to somthing that happened the same time for both of them which then made me wonder could me or my siblings have been exposed too? I have noticed several cases where both parents had it and then a child or even more then one child developed it within a year or two and that would make me think Exposure to something like radon? Anyway I find I am able to give a huge sigh of relief.My mom's cancer is enough for us to deal with right now.

Thanks for any prayers sent our way! :wink: Jan

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So happy for the good news, Jan. I've wondered about the genetic propensity as well once family has been dx'd with it -- most of what I've found suggests a common environmental component as well.....is early in my investigation, as yours. For now, let's just celebrate good news, BIG TIME!!!


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