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Glad I found this site (I'm new)


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Hello. As I am sure you can guess, I am a new member to this site. I have done so much research and have done so many Google searches that I am not exactly sure how I found this site but once I did, I was unable to leave it. I have been reading some posts for the past month and have found it very helpful in many ways. First, it was wonderful to read things from people that not too many people I know can relate to. Second, it was warming to hear so many good things from so many people on this site….whether it be good reports, stories of remission or words of support and encouragement. Finally, it is a relief to know that I can post a question and see responses to things that just plain have me baffled.

My name is Kris and I have an incredible Dad who is 70 years young. He is unforgettable to anyone he meets. He had a heart attach 15 years ago and bounced back like nobody’s business. This was the only time I can remember him being ill. About a year ago he began to make comments saying that he was short of breath and he shared his concern with us that he thought his heart may be ‘wearing out’. His cardiologist assured us this was not the case. Dad was in great shape. After a bout with bronchitis that never cleared up, in January 2003 he was diagnosed with stage IIIa NSCLC and that blew us all away.

His treatment plan was to have a combination of radiation and chemotherapy but after only four chemo treatments he was far to weak to continue both. Chemo was dropped. He completed his radiation treatments in April but what a battle it was. He was a very sick man, in and out of the hospital, losing lots of weight and no ‘fight’ left in him. I didn’t have a clue that radiation could do this to him! Three months ago they found another tumor on the same lung and treated it with Brachytherapy. We almost lost him in the first treatment. We’ve completed that hurtle but he isn’t the man he was or wants to be. At this stage, he has trouble walking, seeing (caused by the steroids he is taking), and of course, breathing.

We went to see the doctor yesterday because Dad’s cough has gotten so bad that he is blacking out. I must say that reading all of your postings, I have been quite concerned about Mets since Dad has had no chemo since February. I asked what the next step was in his treatment plan, hoping that we could finally begin chemo again and the doctor said “none”. The doctor said that my Dad is in no shape to tolerate chemo….even a low dose may be too much.

This is the history that brings me to this message board. I posted the same beginning paragraphs under another topic but included a couple of questions that I have.

I am always looking for new information. Always looking for the thing I may have missed that just might help. This is a good thing but I can drive myself nuts with it too.

It's good to be among company that understands the frustrations.

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Sorry you need to be here , but know you are among friends. Have you tried the search engine ? At the top of the page click on search and enter what you have questions about. We have been talking here all year and most likely your subject has come up. What does your Dad want? If you do not feel your current Dr is up for the fight but your Dad is---perhaps you need another opinion. Any tests done lately? Brain scan, Ct etc? Do you know where you are at? Waiting for your answers Donna G

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Kris, sorry about your dad. He is one year older than me. It seems obvious to me that the medics need to find out why he is so weak and do something about it. It is not clear to me from your note what the medics are doing for your dad. It is true that he has to have strength enough to take chemo, and I share your concern that nothing is being done for the cancer. But right now, getting his strength and stamina back would be priority one in my book. Don

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Hello Kris and welcome!

My very best to you and so sorry your dad is going through this. I also had squamous type, stage IIB nsclc, however, I was 50 years young when first dx.'ed. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that he has had such a tough time of it and that after he could'nt tolerate the first chemo that they did'nt try something else. Squamous type is a bit slower growing and they usually try to operate on a stageIIIA. Understand, I'm not a doc, but would suggest to get 2nd opinions, if possible and try to get treatment at a cancer center.

Again welcome, glad you found us and your dad will be in my prayers.

God bless and stay well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

My husband was recently diagnosed with stage IIIA nsclc. He is 62 years old. He went on two rounds of chemo and is going off to MD Anderson for surgery, which is the best treatment, if possible. At this stage, there should be a lot more options. Please get another opinion.


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Hi, thanks to all of you for your messages. From the time my Dad was diagnosed, they told him he would not be a candidate for surgery for two reasons. One, the location of the turmor and two, his pre-existing heart condition. We were quite disappointed by this news. I do believe in getting other opinions and now is probably the time for that. As for his weakness after so much time has passed since treatment, I do think tests should be done and as of this point, no other scans besides chest x-rays (while in the hospital) have been done. If he is willing, they offered to admit him next week after his appointment so that he can have some of these tests. You're right....we should get him built up before thinking of more treatments. I suppose I just get anxious. All of your comments have helped me focus a little more so I really do appreaciate them. Thanks!

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