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New and scared


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Welcome Donna!

We have a few other members from the UK whom I hope will be right along to welcome you too. This is a very special place where you will receive help and hope and lots of info. This ride is a bumpy one, so get yourself strapped in and then just hang on to all of us! In the meantime..........please read some of our stories ~ many will give you much encouragement.


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Welcome Donna. I am very sorry that your Dad is ill. I know how frightened you must be right now. This group is a wonderful source of information, support and friendship. It's always been such a relief for me to know that I have such a great group of friends that understand what I am going through. Just jump right in with both feet and join us!!!


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Hello Donna and welcome.

I am so sorry to hear about your dad but glad you have found us. Please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have as there is bound to be someone here that can and will answer you or point you in the right direction.

We are always here to listen and offer you support.

Sending you and your family prayers and positive thoughts,


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Thanks for all the replies I`ve had, I`ve had a look through this wonderful site and I really didnt know so many people have suffered/suffering with this vile disease...

The last few months have been so awful, I`m still going through a range of emotions everyday at the moment I go from being angry to crying.. My mom is a wreck and has suffered ill health since finding out about dad.

I do all I can do but with 2 kids and a part time job its difficult, my 4 year old knows there`s something going on but she`s autistic so explaining it wouldnt work for her..


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This disease is such a heartless,cruel ordeal. It does not only effect the person with it, it completely changes the lives of all of us as caregivers and family members as well. We are all here for you, we will all do anything we can to help you and your family through this. Just let us know what you need....

All of the emotions you describe are just typical. It is normal. That does not make it any easier, I know. Try and stay positive. It tends to help some.

Please keep us all posted and let us know how we can help.

Continued prayers for you,


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Just feel so helpless. Worse bit at the moment is all the delays we are having with his chemo. We just feel its one set back after another with our family.

And the fact it took so long to be confirmed properly we kept having our hopes built up, only for someone to come and kick us back down again.

All I`ve been thinking is that I`m gonna lose my dad and my little uns are gonna lose the grandad that they love to bits, and how I explain to them when something happens.

I go through stages of being positive and telling myself the chemo will do something and then maybe they can go for a cure instead of pallative treatment and that he will still be here to see the kids start school and things.. Then bang it all changes and I just dont feel positive at all. And I start questioning life and the universe and my own mortality

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I'm very sorry to hear about your father's


Sounds like you are running the normal gamut

of emotions, mostly down.

By reading your profile it looks like

you are fairly well informed and doing

a good job of keeping up with what's going on.

That is a tremendous help when making decisions


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First, welcome, this is a fabulous place with great people. I am sorry about your dad, and fully understand the emotional toll that it is taken on you, your dad and family. You will find that many people have alot of info, experience and insight in dealing with this aweful disease. We all know about the ups and downs, I personally live moment to moment and take "the now" for all it is worth.


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Hi Kathy

Yes from the moment they sent my dad for the chest xray I know what we would be dealing with. I`ve spent hours and hours on the internet researching it all finding out the stats and looking for hope.

I`m in constant contact with our St Giles nurse and my dads lung cancer nurse. I`m forever on the phone with questions and to be honest I think I know more than my mom and dad. The nurse has told me everything and even the prognosis(my dad has no idea)

I find it a little easier if I can have all the info in front of me its my way of trying to cope.

We just came back from a week away and I think I`m so down now because I could see how much my dad struggled with the things he`s done for years.

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Welcome Donna. I hope and pray your Dad responds to the chemo with great results. I had chemo and radiation before I was able to have surgery. They knew from the biopsy that it was non small cell but couldn't decide if it was Adenocarcinoma or Squamous. After I had the surgery I asked well what did the pathology say, which one? My answer was we still don't know because it was all dead, all scar tissue now. Hope your Dad's just turns to scar tissue, all dead.

Donna G

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Kate welcome to the boards. We are here for as much support as you need. Not Sure what research you have done but found a couple of starters Click on and you should be redirected to the sites;


What Chemo is your Dad on? The more we know the more we grow in knowledge. Remember this also Cherish yesterday, Live for today and Pray for tomorrow.

we also have a chat on Tuesday nights at 8PM Eastern which is midnight your time. If you want or need to chat about something post a note and we will see who we can round up at a reasonable Eastern Time It sometimes beats posting and replying so we will do what ever we can to get a group together. Let us know what we can do or just drop a note and Rant or Vent. Throwing Eggs is a great stress reliever trust me I know for a fact.Glad to meet you under the circumstances

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Welcome, Donna! I believe you will find this a good website to be with. My wife is 69, has Stage IV nsclc, and has survived 3 years 9 months now, and had a pretty good life. One thing that has helped us is to live into the "new norm" of life. We can't recapture "the way it was", but we can make the most of "the way it is". That is what we do. We concentrate on what we can do, and not on what we can't. Glad you got in a trip. We try to do that when Lucie is able. We are making a 4-hour trip this weekend from Houston to Dallas, and we are excited about that. Take care, and let us know how we may support you. Lucie and I have been to Ireland, Scotland and England, and loved it. Don

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Welcome to the boards. I am so sorry that you have to be here in the first place. This is a wonderful place to be though, as everyone is so compassionate, caring, and knowledgable. There is so much hope here....hope that everyone with cancer needs. I will say a prayer for you...may God grant you peace and understanding as you begin the cancer journey. May He wrap his arms around you and your family as you learn, heal, and walk this path. God bless....Jen

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Welcome to the boards. So sorry that things have moved so slowly for your Dad and family. Hopefully he will be up for more chemo soon (never thought I'd see the day when I'd be saying THAT! :) ) Hold onto hope, but know it's okay to cry and rage at times. Don't let them throw you with that palliative treatment garbage. That's the standard line. Will he be receiving 2 drugs at a time and what are they?

Again, hang in there and stick around for support. The folks here are the greatest.

Warm regards,


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Welcome Donna,

I know how scared you are, we have all walked in your shoes and it is so hard. Just know that LC is not a death sentence. There are so many treatments available today. They just have to find one that will work for your dad.

You will feel better once he starts treatment. Do not listen to stasticts as so many hear have beaten the odds and are still here years later.

We are always here for you 24/7 for support or to answers questions you may have. Our members are a wealth of information.

You are not alone here.

Maryanne :wink:

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Welcome from a fellow Brit

My husband was given a poor prognosis over two years ago and he is still here feeling fit although he still has the disease and the last scan showed slow progression.

Please let me know if you would like me to share any informatiom experiences with you in relation to UK.


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Hi there. I too and from England and like Jennie will be happy to do what I can to help. My friend had SCLC which is very different from your Dad's so I don't expect he'll have the same treatments as she did.

There is hope you know and this is a good place to find the real stories that show you that. the time difference is also something that you may find helpful. I've come on here in the wee small hours feeling frightened and lonely and our cousins across the pond have been up and only too willing to chat. Let us know how you get on.


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Hi Donna:

I would like to welcome you to the boards also. I hope your dad is able to get back on chemo soon. You may want to look into to having targeted radiation therapy after chemo. Targeted therapy can kill tumors while minimizing damage to adjacent healthy tissue.

Cyberknife surgery is one option that can kill tumors, but the nearest facility is in the Netherlands and so insurance could be a problem as well as travel.

There is another form of targeted radiation therapy called image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Your dad may be a candidate for this. I am sure it is available in the UK, as the manufacturer maintains offices in the UK as follows:

Worldwide Product Support Center - Oncology

Elekta Limited

Linac House

Fleming Way


West Sussex

RH10 9RR


Phone: +44 1293 544 422

Fax: +44 1293 654 321

You could probably give them a phone call and find out what hospitals have the technology in the UK.

Here is a link to a BBC new article from 2004 relating to the Electa Synergy system:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/h ... 578079.stm

They write about the Christie Hospital at Manchester. It was a trial in 2004 and they must be in full service by now.

I found another news release from May 16, 2006, that gives more details on the British Government investing in the technology for several hospitals:

http://www.elekta.com/site_dbase.php?fo ... id=3560566

Here is a link that gives an overview of IGRT:

http://www.elekta.com/site_dbase.php?fo ... e1section6

Your dad has my best wishes in beating this disease.

Don M

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