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Recurrence survival


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With my Dad's SCLC, I've been told a recurrence would be fatal. I know CindyRN has beat a recurrence but what about the NSCLC members? It would be encouraging for those who are facing a recurrence to know there are survivors of all lung cancer relapses.

Please share your story if you have or have a loved one that survived a recurrence. It's something we all fear and it would be encouraging to read about the survivor stories.

My dad hasn't suffered a recurrence. I'm asking because it is on all of our minds. Also, many of us do not have time to look at everyones profile to identify the survivors of a recurrence. Thanks in advance, you guys are great!

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Your Dad's 4/28 note on his history says it all - NED.

I know it's hard to not think about recurrence, but please try not to. He's not there, he's NED, right?

Everyone in our position thinks it will come back - but you know what, sometimes it doesn't come back. Your Dad can be in that group (along with me, and I'm 4 years and going strong.)


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Sheri great idea! Of course, now I am scared to death, because I didn't now that about a reoccurance...spooky...I guess we need to get it gone first for my dad and then we can start to worry about that then...as my mom would say...don't borrow trouble.

I am rambling...anyway, thanks for this...I am anxious to read what other write!


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I have a small cell cancer as well--not in the lung, but it behaves and is treated like SCLC. In everything I've read, it says that recurrence is basically a given and almost always ''rapidly fatal'' when it returns. And because my disease is rare, I hardly find any women with it at all, but I have come across several who have beaten back recurrences and have been living for several years. I am further encouraged by the stories here of people who are surviving SCLC (and others).

I think we all live with the fear of the cancer returning. It's normal to be afraid. However, we have to take it one day at a time and get on with life; otherwise, it would be almost impossible to function. When cancer recurs, it can still be treated effectively for many people. And they are discovering new treatments every day!

So, hang in there and continue to hope!

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My mom has nsclc and had it came back in Jan of '05. She had basically a year of treatment, from Jan to Jan and scans look good. (mostly radiation, which was very dangerous because the radiation point overlapped where she had radiation last time.) It's now July, so it's been a year and a half. She's very run down, battling sinus infections all the time, but she's so upbeat and positive. Her recurrance only showed lymph involvment, no tumors to speak of. So, I don't know how much they can really tell from just a ct scan...

So, yes, there is HOPE. You can beat this!

God is always faithful, no matter what.

God bless,


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For Patty........Sheri too.............I have not dealt with recurrence myself, BUT there IS HOPE, for sure. Fred's (my wonderful husband) cousin was dx in the spring of '04 with NSCLC. She had radiation and chemo and went until February '06 and then had a recurrence. She then had radiation and then a lobe removed and followed up with chemo and was told she is now 'good to go'!!!! Sounds like hope to me, whaddaya think? Remember that there is ALWAYS hope!


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Tony (NSCLC) never has had the pleasure of meeting NED. When last we checked (in May) his largest tumor was still hanging around (but smaller by half). Chemo knocked out all the other tumors in both lungs, nodes, and mediastinum. While this was going on, one new little bugger decided to make an appearance in his lung. So I guess that was considered a recurrance. It was zapped with radiation and now it is gone.

Our friend is going through the exact same issue right now with SCLC. She will be receiving radiation for a new tumor also. Her original tumor is also still there but smaller.

I'm not sure if these qualify for what you are asking about, as neither of them were ever NED.

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