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Carleen...(Sending her correspondence)

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I have been trying to find Carleen's address to send her a card. I can't find it. I assume someone here knows it? Could you send me a PM? If you can't share it or don't feel comfortable, I totally understand.

I did some searching on the internet and after finding an old address, I was able to find what the computer called an "old" phone number. I called it, though I know I probably shouldn't have, because I know there is just so much going on...anyway, I wanted Carleen to know we are there for her, and again, I was concerned about her wellbeing. Her post just hit me in a way that made me immediately concerned. A woman answered, and I told her who I was from the LCSC and that we wanted her to know we were thinking of her and supporting her. I told her my concerns and she told me that Carleen has a huge support system. She has a large family, and many, many friends (this did not surprise me in the least!!!) who are there for her. She said that sometimes computer friends are the best kind, and I told her that we are many here at LCSC. I just thought I would give you all an update, as I know many of us are saying prayers, and feeling her pain today. I have my rosary tape on and am playing it over and over. God bless Carleen and her family.

Nothing could have prepared her for this. I am afraid she won't come to the boards for a while, and I think she needs as much support as she can possibly get. Those of you who have been here often... you may have ideas for things we can do at this time. I know for most of us, our first stop on this site was to see how she was doing. There are many of us worried about her...what can we do?

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Carleen and I are both from Wisconsin. I don't post much but my dad passed away last week from Stage IV Lung Cancer. Carleen is what kept me going last week. I called her the other night after I read her post and I know she had just brought Keith home from the hospital. They have called hospice and told her he only had a few days to live. I have not wanted to bother her again and get an update but I know she knows how supportive this board is and hopefully she will read your messages. If I talk to her again I will post an update.


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Hi there,

I have found this website after going over Keith's obit numerous times. I am an old friend of both Keith and Carleen. Keith and I met when we were 16 years old. After marriage and children, life got busy, and we recently were reunited with a visit at their home. I have to tell you....the love that the two of them shared is difficult to describe in words. I am happy that Keith and Carleen both found a love that most do not find in a lifetime.

I realize that a few of you are searching the web, etc. for Carleen's address. I am sure that she has checked these postings, and I will let her know that people are attempting to send cards. I am planning on stopping at the house this weekend.

I remember Keith and I having a lunch date in our early twenties, and he asked me if he could bring this girl he'd met. It was at that time that I met Carleen. After spending time with them, I knew that Keith was a taken man. :)

I want all of you to know that we are doing our best to take care of Carleen. We will continue to do so, and I am taken back by all the love and support I see here on this site. I am positive that she is too.

Thank you!!!

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