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Surgery Scheduled

Nancy B

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Hi Nancy,

I have included you in my meditation prayers. And will give a special one on Monday.

I know how nervious you must be but I feel everything will come out in your favor. Will keep everything crossed. Keep that wonderful postive attitude of yours.

Maryanne :wink:

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Yes, the third time is the charm. I went through a couple of thorocotomys (mine was impossible to biopsy too due to location and they also operated on me twice to try and remove the tumor) and finally the pneumonectomy (left side). Honestly it wasn't that bad. It's the same type of incision although mine was a little longer but I didn't have to have a drainage tube with the pneumonectomy (I hated that tube) so it was easier to move around etc. I went back to work a little over a week after my surgery. I think you'll be able to attend your race in August. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Remember to use your breathing thing.. Hold a pillow on the incision while you move around. Walk and try to straighten up while you walk whenever you can. You can do this!!

I will be praying for your safe surgery and "easy" recovery. I'm hoping that this surgery will take care of things for you and you will never have to go through this again!

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Just saw this post. Sending you prayers every day and sending a gentle hug for you. Please keep us posted.

Your right 3rd time is a charm and total healing. Our Lord will carry you over the bumpy road and by His stripes you are healed...

God Bless,


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Praying especially for you tonight Nancy. I hope the surgery works out well and that you wake up feeling fine. I pray they give you proper meds to help against any pain involved and that you go home soon. I also pray for your surgeon. Make God guide his hands. If this turns out to be another cancer I pray that the first treatment chosen will be the one to fix it. We all love you Nancy. Know that we are with you in spirit tomorrow.


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