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Virtual BASH


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I'm on my way. Is the pub open? I'll take a Wild Turkey and diet coke. I also want a Golden Cadillac when it gets warm...the ice cream will really cool me off.

What topics of conversation do we want to have? The usual weather, sports, families. What is everyone doing over the 4th?

We are going to a big fireworks event this evening. The weather should be good and it should be a lot of fun.

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okay...Cindi's here to take care of all of your medicinals :lol:

Granted, I won't be around for long, so someone'll have to take over for me.

I am going down to Iowa to be with the missyk and sues!! Can you believe that I actually get to meet them? Sue maintains that there is a perfectly adorned, blonde, muscular body guard at her pool. He is there to ward off the wolves preying on two good lookin' chicks adrift in their backyard. God save any being the demise of the burned retinas if they even try to take a sneak at us!

I get the results of my scan on Monday afternoon and that is when I boogie-boogie to Iowa!

Party on, Garth! Lots of puu puus including wings, celery sticks, cheese curds for the Wisconsin crew, stuffed mushrooms and cheese curls!

The beer is Ice-cold!

Cindi o'h

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Ok. Count me in this time. I need to be with all of you. I think I'll wear something bright with sparkling sequins. I'd love to have a Bud Lite with Frank. I quite drinking anything many years ago because there is so much alcoholism in my family, but just one wouldn't hurt would it? Warning: I remember well that I get very giggly when I drink. Oh well, a little giggling right now will feel so good. I'm on the way. Make the music fast and happy. Will somebody dance with me?

Love you all,


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Peggy and all:

I don't really drink either. But, it is fun to pretend sometime. Let's invite some "friends" from the local health club to join us. I bet they can really dance well. I like Katie's idea of a chat time. Unfortunately, I'm taking my niece to the festivities over at the Alcoa duck pond and then going to the grocery store. I won't be able to join back in until around 5:30 Eastern time. How 'bout a chat then?

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Well I do drink but moderately...

But this holiday weekend...with all our members in Texas...

Cindi I'll have a double grey goose vodka martini and keep en' comin.

Bottoms up... hic up!!

Maryanne :wink::evil::shock::cry::lol:8):?::?:

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