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Today Should Have Been...


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Mom and Dad's 29th Anniversary.

I had their next door neighbor take three roses to Mom's grave. I couldn't bear the thought of her not getting flowers this year....

Daddy did fine. He's on his way to visit us here. I can tell he's trying to be busy not thinking about it.

Was a hard day. :(

Edited because I just HAVE to tell the story:

29 years ago today My Dad got dressed up in brown slacks and a dress shirt--a woodsy foliage kind of shirt with the seven dwarves marching all over it... (yes really)

Mom got dressed up in--to my best photo recollections--an orange and yellow pants outfit. I always thought they looked bell-bottomsy.

They were headed out on the river, and Mom always told me that it had been windy and the water had been rough all day--until right before they were supposed to go out on the boat--and then the river turned to glass.

So they got on their friends' boat, with a couple of witnesses and someone 'official.'

And they got married in the middle of the Mississippi River. Or as close to the middle as they were allowed to with the Marriage License stipulations.

It was the perfect wedding by their telling--the way all weddings should be. Simple, unique, theirs.

I wish they could tell that story to me together today--with one starting where the other left off....

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Oh how bittersweet memories such as this are! What a great story..gave me goosebumps.

Dad passed away 3 days before his and SM 22nd anniversary and that was a VERY hard day for us (especially for SM)too so I can really identify with your post.

Thanks for sharing their love story..its truly inspirational!


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Dear Val,

I'm sorry I missed this post yesterday; but I'm chiming in here with my prayers for you and your Dad. I hope his visit is good. Your story was heartwarming.

Love to you Val!

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That was so sweet I love to hear things like that they ar eso wonderful and inspiring. reminds me to ask my parents comingg up 49 years. Thanks for sharing that special story :)

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Bitter sweet... how we have lost our past and ther we are at the top of the family tree now. We will tell these stories and pray our children have us around much longer so they do not have to try to remember our stories. What I would also give to ask more questions, hear more stories, hear my parents voices.

Thank you so much for sharing...


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