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I'm Still Here


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After many PM's from many of you here, I thought I'd post to let you know I am still here and doing fine. I have been reading post but didn't have much time to answer them. I have been extra busy this summer. I had to ask the tenants in my rental to move because they were not adhering to the terms of the lease. Took me 2 months to clean the mess up and get it ready to rent again. New flooring and carpet for the floors and paint for the walls not to mention 2 new exterior doors.

The nodules that were seen on my CT in March have disapeared for now. Hopefully they are gone for good. It was 3 years June 19 that I had my lung removed. I am NED as far as my Oncologist can tell.

I want to say congragulations to the ones that have posted good news. I also want to extend my condolances to the ones that have lost a loved one to this disease.

I want to welcome all you new members that I have not welcomed yet. You have come to the right place for info. Whatever you question or concern is, someone here has walked in your shoes. Here you will find some of the finest peope around. They will be here for you as you ride this roller coaster. I could not think of any finer peope to take the ride with than the members here at LCSC.

I did walk my lap in local Relay for Life. I lit 5 candles for the members here at LCSC. It rained the whole night but I was determined to walk my lap.

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I don't know how I missed this before, I have been thinking of you Bruce.

It's about time you got yourself back on here. I think that Ry needs to fine your butt for staying away so long...

Glad to see that you are doing well. And don't forget Bruce, think ocean, not Dolly. Tina, don't encourage him!!! :shock::)

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So good to hear from you, Bruce. Can't tenants really be a pain? We had a duplex at one time and I was never so glad to get rid of anything as I was the day we sold that house!!!

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