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Bronze Award


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My daughter completed her Bronze Award project today. The Bronze Award is the highest award Junior Girl Scouts can earn.

For her project, she created "Comfort Cards" that she has left in my mom's oncologist's office. There are four different cards (one with the patron saint of cancer, two with inspirational bible quotes, and one with a poem she wrote, in case people want something less spiritual). She did a lot of reasearch, designed each of the cards (fonts and clip art have to be just right, you know), spoke with Mom's onc., created a display case for the cards, etc. She made 100 to start with, and will replenish them. On the back of each card she wrote,

"Have a wonderful day!


A Girl Scout

Bronze Award project


Remember, there is always someone out there thinking about or praying for you."

Here's the poem whe wrote:

"What Cancer Can’t Do To You"

Cancer can make you feel weak,

And maybe hurt a lot.

But next time cancer brings you down,

Try to think another thought.

There are many different things,

That your cancer can never do.

Your cancer can never take away,

The ones that truly love you.

And no matter hard,

Your cancer tries,

It cannot take,

Your eyes off the prize.

What is the prize?

Well, ask yourself.

It’s not a trophy,

To put on the shelf.

The prize is truly,

Up to you.

Because with every day,

The prize is new!

Anyway, they looked cool and made my mom really proud (OK, me too, but Mom had tears in her eyes at the Awards Ceremony).

:) Kelly

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Your daughter certainly has such a admirebale insight for someone so young.

That is a great honor and I know you are all so proud of her. But she must have had some good influences in her life and that is where her family comes in.

Bless you all!

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh, I know you are a proud mom. Your daughter must be a truly amazing young lady to have such feelings of compassion for others at such a young age. Please tell her we are all very proud of her for this achievement and winning her award!!!

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