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MIL is gone to ER

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FIL took my MIL(kay) to have blood work and when he got her hom she called for me because she was having trouble breathing.

I told her that I thought she needed to go to the Hospital because her pulse was 125 and that she was still very swollen.

The medics gave her Oxygen and her pulse was 137 and pulse Ox was 93 with Oxygen. I do believe from personal experience that she is going into heart failure her Pulse was fast but weak. I am just really upset right now.

prayers please.

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Prayers Hugs for everyone and Positive thoughts let us know what is going on when you can. Lots of Prayers

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Thank you for all the prayers. We just got back from the Hospital(please excuse the spelling Errors) she has Pnumonia(sp), her heart is going out of Rhythem(sp) and her White count is over 26,000, Hemoglobin 7.5, and her Heart Emzemes shows that she is having Light Heart Attacks.

The Dr came in while we were all in the Room and asked her about a DNR which she said she didn't want anything done to restart her heart or any other Life Saving Measures. he said that if she does get to come home it's Time for Hospice(Her Oncologist was going to Refer her Friday)..She had a event while we were there where her Heart rate went in the 200's and it really got to my FIL. My FIL said he would rather see her go by a Heart Attack than suffer from the Pain of Cancer.They are between a roack and hard place as far as meds to keep her heart rate down because her Blood Preasure is Low.They did say that she has fluid around her lung and that if they draw some off that maybe she would be able to breathe a little better.

She told me today that I am now the Woman of the family and it's my job to take care of her Boys.

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I am sorry for all the anxiety you all are going through. I feel so bad for what she is going through. I pray her time will come quickly and that she could be made to feel comfortable.

Prayers are being sent... to you also.


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Thank you all for the prayers..her Blood Preasure at the moment is 88 that's it no bottom number, they are having to use a doppler to find a pulse to read her BP.She had a episode that lasted for almost 4 hours today.The did an Echocardiogram and her Ejection Fraction is 25%. Her lungs are FULL and you can her the crackles in the lungs just by standing near her.She is on Morophine and Ativan.Her heart rate is still very high her oxygen is on 15 Wide Open and if she has another spell they don't know what they can do. She has her room at 55 degrees and a fan on her because she is so hot. Her Kidneys are shutting down her output for 12 hours were only 150.

We are tired.I am greatful I have had someone to look after the babies for the last two nights but my MIL wants to see them so we are going to take them up in the morning for a short visit.I really don't think my 2 year old can handle to see his grandmother like this.

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