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GRRRRRRR88888888 checkup

cindi o'h

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Hey pals o'mine!

Miss Cindi had a fantastic check-up today!

I knew it going in. I have been breathing well for the past 4-5 days... (better, anyway..... "well" is a stretch)

Bones look good.

Lymphs look good.

Still effusion (since last time) in Left lung (small)

Pericardial thickening/effusion still there.. no more than 10mm.

Fibrosis in Right lung appears minimized since last 3m scan.

no mention of that 1.7cm "thing" on my breast from before.. it's about time they shuddup about it. :x

Next scan in 3 months.

I am working towards 4 years now with no recurrence from stage lllB... how 'bout some applause?!

Meet me at the pub. Drinks on the house!

Cindi o'h

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Can ya hear it, Cindi???? My hands HURT from all the clapping for ya!!!! Wonderful news to celebrate the 4th with, huh???? I'm in at the pub. You ALWAYS find an interesting drink for me to try! I want to toast MANY more GREAT reports.................today just doesn't get any better!



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Cindi my friend,

I am estastic to hear your news. I could not stop smiling reading your post. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: You have been through so much and look at you now. This is so encouraging for our newcomers.


You really need to celebrate....bring on the Marguarites....

Maryanne :lol::wink:

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If drinks are on the house I'll take a Bucket Of Bud And a big CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GREAT NEWS!! I feel like doing th Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance!! :mrgreen:

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