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Getting a big brain!!!

Remembering Dave

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I started my PCI (preventative Brain Radiation, in laymans terms) on the 3rd of this month and my brain is swelling!!! All is under control, I hope. I told my doc and he has prescribed some steroids for this. I started getting a headache about 2 hours after my first treatment and it got pretty bad for several hours and then got better. I went in today and told them about the headache and they gave me a prescription. I don't do well on steroids, they prevent me from sleeping AND they make me a little crazy, to put it mildly, although I have never taken this particular brand so maybe these won't be so bad. My poor wife may kill me before I finish my treatments!!! These are the last treatments I have scheduled. I will be having 15 days of brain radiation. I have more scans set up next week, a CT and possibly a PET scan depending on what the CT shows, then we will determine what is going on. If the CT still shows something then we will do a PET to see if it is cancer or just scar tissue or more pneumonia. I have not been posting much lately but I read all the posts everyday. I have not had the energy to type responses, I am a 2 finger typer, although I can get some pretty good speed going when I'm on a roll. I am over a month out from my last chemo treatment and want so bad to start getting my energy back but my body will not cooperate. I have been getting out and doing stuff but my body gets so tired and worn out so easy. I have heard it takes 3 months or longer to get this chemo poison out of you system, guess I just have to keep that in my mind. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you. Keep the positive attitudes and keep the Faith.

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Hey David.

My thoughts and prayers are with you too. I hope everything turns out for you. You certainly have a good outlook on all of it. And I know that a good sense of humour is part of that good outlook for you, so here goes...

Are you feeling any smarter now that you have a bigger brain? If you only knew how many times in high school I wished for a bigger brain, especially in math class. And with this steroid thing, as long as you have to take them, have you considered pumping iron? I hear the women are all over guys with big brains and muscles.

In all seriousness though, David. I do hope all your scans are favorable, and you get the chance to put all this crap behind you and get on with the good life with your wonderful family (if your wife doesn't kill you first that is). You deserve it!! Take care,

David P.

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