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Louis E. LaGrand--books


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After Johnny's death I searched desperately for something to hold onto. As many of you know I had many strange experiences. At the time I thought I was doing things and forgetting them in my grief. As time passed I came to realize there was much more to it than that. I started looking up books about grieving and after death experiences. That is when I stumbled on to a book by Louis E. LaGrand. The name of the book is "Gifts from the Unknown".

I'm not sure the book in itself helped me through those days but it did make me realize that I was not alone in my experiences. I emailed him and recieved a reply from him. He told me that many of the things I had experienced were very common. Others not so common but had also been reported by others.

His letter eased my mind about my mind and gave me the gift of knowledge about my experiences. Not only is he an author but a grief councilor. His books give a lot of advice on handling your grief. If you are interested look up some of his books and read them.

While going through some papers today I found a copy of his letter to me. That got me interested again and I just ordered another of his books. This is a subject that many of us touch on but we are also still a little skeptical and often think the things we see that give us comfort are just tricks our grief plays on us. The more I read on the subject and the more people I communicate with the more I know that what I exerienced is very real. That gives me some peace and a lot of hope. I think that is something all of us can use.

Good reading to all of you. Lillian

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I just did a quick search on Ebay and it lists several books by Louis LaGrand. Hopefully that helps?

I have been following both your post and Lillians here in the grieving section and thought it might be worth mentioning a book I tried but was unable to get through due to my own emotional issues, still. The book is Sacred Dying by Megory Anderson and in the first chapters I was moved to tears but found it intriguing enough that I left it on my bedside table in hopes of finding the strenght to delve into it again one of these days.

This grieving is tough stuff..

Hugs and love,


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One more thought.. My mother in law was the local librarian and was always able to contact the larger libraries throughout the state to locate books for patrons. Perhaps your local library has the same type of inter~library loan program? A great concept indeed!


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Thanks for the reply.I thought I would get it from the library first to see whether I should buy it as book buying can get expensive. I've read so many that if I bought them all I'd be broke. I'm interested in the topics that Lagrand writes about and have experienced some of them. It took me a year to be able to post here as to write about the grief seemed to make it too real. I still feel numb in a way but now also think in terms of life being a journey toward being with our loved ones again. A good book for you might be Final Gifts, it's not long and you get a sense of peacefulness from it.

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I just typed in books by Dr. Lagrand. Severa; sites came up/ I ordered from a place called Alibris. I got the books I ordered in a week and they are very nice paperback books. The price was really not that bad. It would be even better if shipping weren't so much. The one I am reading now is "Messages and Miracles". It is very good. Dr. Lagrand works are on ADCs (After Death Communications)of those who are grieving. I came on him quite by accident.

After Johnny died I was desperate to know that he was alright. I started having some very strange experiences and thought my grief was causing me to lose my mind. Someone suggested that I start watching John Edward and read his books. I went to the library but all of his books were checked out. On one of his shows I remember him saying if you want to learn more about this experience go to the library and the books you need will find you. Well that is just about the way it happened. His books were gone and I was browsing the subject material and Dr. Lagrand's book was there. What a relief it was to know that on top of eveything else I was not losing my mind and that my Johnny is alright. He didn't just cease to exist!

Keep at your library. Maybe they can either order the books for you or borrow them from another library. YOu won't be sorry you did.

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I finally bought Messages and Miracles. Haven't received it yet in the mail though but I'm looking forward to reading it. I use aurora from the aurora borealis because the colors are so magnificant and take you to another world almost. It would be great to see them in person but I look at pictures and imagine all the beautiful colors.

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I really think you will get a lot from that book. I finished reading it last week and found it very good. His book "After Death Communications" really helped me through a very bad time right after Johnny's death.

When strange things started happening I wanted to believe those were things sent from Johnny but I had never believed in that kind of thing really and I thought that my grief was making me do things and forgetting them. On top of my pain and loss I thought I was loosing my mind.

After hearins some of the things that were happening to me Johnny's niece suggested that I watch "Crossing Over" with John Edward. I started watching and didn't feel so alone. I wanted to learn more about the subject of After Death Communications. I was desperate to have enough information to make me sure. To not just think but to know that Johnny was still with me.

One night John Edward said that if you want to learn more about the subject just go to the library and the books you need to read will find you. Well I went looking for his books and they were all checked out but like he promised I found Dr. LaGrand's book.

That book answered a lot of my questions and keep me from feeling so alone and afraid of going insane.

I wrote to him and told him about some of my experiences and he wrote back to me. He told me that most of what I experienced was very common and the other things tho not common had been reported by others at one time or another. He said to know if what I felt was real I should go to a quiet place and try to relive the things that had happened. He said how I felt at the time was a good indication as to the authentisity of my experiences. Another question to answer was if those were things that Johnny would do.

My mind was petty well relieved about my sanity tho I still question it at times :!: I do believe that Johnny is always with me but I can't see him. I feel him just a breath away. Almost every kind of experience Dr. LaGrand writes about in Messages and Miracles have happened to me. I'm not sure why I have had so much but I am always grateful. Spiritual presence can't make up for the physical loss of a loved one but it can give us hope. Hope that we will be together again and hope for a continued life with no pain or heartache.

I have often wanted to ask people if here if they have had any extraordinary experiences after the loss of a loved one. Some have spoken about it but I know there are still many who think of it as either mental problems or evil and that keeps many from comming forward and telling of their experiences. I think it is very helpfull and gives us all the one thing we can never have too much of. HOPE Good reading to you. Lillian

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