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Question about Next Step/Biopsy being scheduled


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Alan requested I ask a question of my Lung Cancer

support family. So here goes.

As you know a new 3.0cm x 1.5 cm mass showed up on Alan's latest CT Scan Right upper lobe.

We went over all his previous CT Scans and this is

definetly a new mass.

Pet Scan then came back negative.

So here is Alan's question, should he ask his Dr.

about having a needle biopsy???

Alan's Dr. gets back into town later this week and I

will be calling him to go over all results.

PET Scan came in after he left town (just our luck)

Dr. Office just called, biopsy to be scheduled. I will post under

test time/results when I have the date.

Thank you

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Seems to me that a new mass certainly warrants pursuing..............I would be asking questions for sure. It's always a good idea to gather as much info as possible. Not sure about the biopsy part, but you definitley need input from your onc. Good luck with that ~ and isn't it always the case that the guy is 'out' just when you need him?


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Unless the Dr charges by the question :wink: , ask away! We keep a running document in Word at Mom's house between appointments, then print it off and bring it in. We just hand it to him when he walks in.

My theory is that if you are asking yourself the questions, you should certainly ask the Dr!

Let us know what you find out.

:) Kelly

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I would ask for a biopsy. The only problem with a needle bipsy is that it is only reliable when it is positive. If they don't find any cancer, they will call the results inconclusive. Still, a needle biopsy should be the next step.

Good luck with the biopsy.

don M

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