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Any Suggestions????


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I have this cold thing-or what the Dr. and I think is a cold type thing. My throat is scratchy-lost my voice totally --now back after 4 days on Antibiotic. I have NSCLC-stage 1a-dx-2004---had left lobectomy - no other problems other than present so far. I have not had a repeat of my PET since diagnosis. My voice and throat sound really odd- doesn't seem right to me---what do any of you suggest??? Or am I in sort of a panic-as I understand how vital the 24-36mos. time period is to reccurence.. Any idea s will be greatly taken -Thank you all- Dorothy.

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I'm no doctor, but sounds like a cold or an upper respiratory illness to me, especially if your voice came back after antibiotics!!

I've been fairly healthy since my surgery so when I get a normal, run of the mill cold, I assume its the worse (see Early Stage forum, full of my neurosis! :shock: ).

If you're still not feeling well in a week or so, then I would go back to the doctor. Have you been getting scans/xrays every few months or so?

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I agree with Debi in that if sounds like it is/was an upper respiratory problem. I have had SEVERAL of them over the last 11 years and antibiotics do the trick for me. :wink: Sometimes I need a double dose of them. I also have lost my voice several times, but it tends to come back in time.

Give your PCP another call and see if you can get another dose of meds.

I'd offer prayers but I think a doctor's visit would be more helpful to you at this time. :wink:

Best of luck.

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Hi Dorothy, I get really scared everytime I catch a creepy crud, and its been almost 6 years for me! So that's normal.

But even if this goes away,and I think it probably will, you are definitely overdue for a PET or CT anyway. Maybe your doctor can schedule one asap to ease your fear?

Hope this helps :) , Barb

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