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Well they decided I should have a port for easy access to the chemo and in the process of performing that minor surgery they managed to collapse my lung and landed me in the hospital for 5 days. Today I went for radiation and met with that doctor and then on to meet with my oncologist and she said it looks like blood levels are fine to get everything back on track. I have learned one thing for sure .... the process of dealing with this beast will definitely teach one to have patience. A good sense of humor is a must. :lol:

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Hi Judy, I can't believe they did that but I guess these things happen to even the best doctors at least once.

Radiation on top of chemo can really drag you down, but sounds like you are right on track with a great attitude. Best of Luck with your treatments Judy. :) Barb

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A good sense of humor is a must. :lol:

You bet it is, Judy! My husband was always making people laugh. I'll never forget the time I dared him to put on the gray curly woman's wig in the radiation oncologist's office before he came in. He looked at me, grinned, was kind of considering it and said "Nahhh!" I said, "You don't have the b...s!" (Hee hee - he never heard me say that before. And, actually, it was my first time.) He said, "That did it!" He grabbed that wig and when the doctor and nurse came in, you never heard such roaring laughter. They yelled out to the tech and they all came down, too.

We just loved that doctor. He was always up, positive, encouraging and just wonderful. He was on a local commercial for that hospital's cancer center, and from the day we saw it, Don always called him "Doc Hollywood!"

Another time, at the same onc's office, the onc was giving him his usual thorough check up. He always checked everything from head to foot and asked him lots of questions. Don was always very serious and cooperative. When he finally got down to knees and knocked on them to check his reflexes, Don kicked up the opposite leg the onc pounded on. At first, the onc just looked at him for a couple of seconds like he was wondering why that happened, and Don just did his usual grin and said, "I always wanted to do that."

And I'll tell just one more. He was at the break table with a bunch of guys at work right after all his hair fell out. One of them asked him if it bothered him. He said, "Nope! You're the one that has to look at it, not me."

Keep laughing!



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