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Hospice is now in

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I was really shocked that hospice comes to the Hospital.They are really working hard to make sure kay is comfortable, she can now hav eMoraphine every hour if needed.

They said it could be 3 days to 3 wks, so FIL is wanting to take her to the Hospice home. I know he would love to have her home but he knows I couldn't handle 2 kids(under2) him and DH if something happened.

I am greatfull for the 2 years that she has faught this and for her seeing her first two grandchildren

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I think it is fairly common now for Hospice to become involved at the hospital. Sometimes, the Hospice facilities are full, so they offer their services either at home or at the hospital. In my experience, I found Hospice nurses to be angels without wings. They were able to keep Dennis very comfortable and were a wealth of knowledge and support for me. They will be a source of strength for your family during these weeks. I will be remembering Kay and your entire family in my prayers.

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Praying that your hospice experience will be as filled with love and hope as your families hospice "journey" was. We made some really good memories with my Dad during his time in the hospice home - we will treasure them always.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. May peace be with you!


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Prayers sent out Kay. I pray for her to be at peace and for you for strength during this time and later when she is at peace. I know how hard this is for you. I am so sorry...


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