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Wanted: one loving home

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BROOKLYN Park cancer sufferer Lyn Ball wants to find her stylish pooches a home. Doctors have told Lyn, who turned 60 last week, she has just weeks to live. It is her final wish to find a new owner for her seven-year-old toy poodle, Teescha, and five-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel Holly. (Both female and desexed.)

Lyn's only stipulation is that the pets must go to the same house.

She says her vet has offered to put them down but, of course, she doesn't want this.

"I just think we should give them a chance because they're great dogs," Lyn says.

"I've had them since I've had cancer and they've been my family."

Lyn has brain tumours which can't be operated on. However, the "c" word has been in her life for 15 years - she's also had breast, ovarian, bowl, liver and lung cancer.

Lyn says the well-trained pets would be best suited to retirees or a single person who works part-time, because the dogs are used to constant companionship.

Write to Lyn at P.O. Box 128, Brooklyn Park, SA 5032.

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