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Update on us

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Well, things are going as I expected. Mom is happy with the care she is getting. We are busy as all get out. We are working as a team to take care of each other. Tom and John are doing most of the lifting. They get her into the shower and then I can shower mom alone with the help of the right handed grab bar we had installed in the shower. This is my first duty when I get home from work. It is a good time for mom and I-we laugh and giggle about her everchanging body : )

John's daughter is with us for the summer and has a summer job of getting up with mom during the night, so she is happy she is making money. She is with us for 2 more weeks. SF stays with mom all day while we are at work. They seem to be getting along even...amazing!

We have interviewed many people and have selected a person who has experience as an aide and she only lives about 2 miles away-that's good. She will start working for mom on July 23 Monday-Friday 7am-3pm and then as needed on the weekends. She seems pretty strong. I just pray she is dependable.

Mom is having therapy every day at home after a whole lot of screaming by me. The insurance tried telling us she had 30 visits through the end of the year until I went over THEIR plan document that states "unlimited visits when rendered in the home".

The therapist is trying to empower mom and is doing a good job. I guess the only problem is that the therapist can barely (some days not at all) lift my mom, so her therapy is in bed somedays. We CAN lift her so mom has been out of bed EVERY day since she has been home, isn't that great? She gets her shower when I get home and then sits up, talks, eats eats and eats : )

Some funny stuff since she has been home:

We almost blew her up when she was sitting outside for our fireworks-it was scary then, but funny now.

My dog who she has never been too fond of is now her new best friend. We are not allowed to yell at Symba or she defends the dog. It's funny.

Mom wakes Liz up at 1:30am nearly every night for a bowl of cereal. SF Tom tells Liz not to do it bc of her weight, but she gives it to her anyway.

There are others, but I am leaving work now to go home and shower mom.

Finally, mom is having a repeat MRI in 3 weeks and then meeting with the neurosurgeon again. Her bump on her head has not grown too much, but there is a new one in front of it. Mom says she is worried, and I guess I am too, but more than anything, I feel elated to have her home. We're having a ball!

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Lori, I am so very happy to be reading about all of these happy things that are happening now that you have your entire family under your new roof. I just knew things would work out for you and your mom. You certainly deserve a lot of happiness and special times with your dear mom!!! Please keep these great posts coming!!!

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That's my Lori....find the loophole and inform the insurance co. of what they ARE GOING TO PROVIDE....lol, love it.

So glad everything is going so, so well. By the way, whatever got worked out on the transportation issue (or did I miss it?)-- ever come up with a van option?



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We have no solution for transportation. Well, we are looking into it. For mom's MRI, her neurosurgeon has to write a letter to have her picked by ambulance at our house and she will go on a stretcher. The insurance will cover it bc she has to be on a stretcher. But, for her PCP Dr. appointment on the 17th and then to go see the neruosurgeon, Tom is applying for the RAMP service through our public transportation. So, mom will be going on the bus and us following behind in the car if this is what we do. I am off to go to the appointments, but I hurt my back this week lifting her onto the potty, so it probably is not a good idea to try to get her into my van. I also need to call Toyota to see if there is any way to convert my van. I'll get around to it some day : )

I have to add my funny from last night. Mom asked me in a whisper for a bowl of ice cream. I asked why she was whispering, she said she didn't want Tom to hear. I told her he was out at the bowling alley and she then yelled, HEY Can I have some ice cream?

I am so bad for giving into her appetite, but I don't care. I just don't. It makes her happy.

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Sooooooooo glad you guys are enjoyin life!! Feels good, doesn't it? Your post made me smile so big and feel so happy in my heart!

Your funny stories remind me of things that go on at Mom's too...especially the dog. We joke that Mom's dog is the only "person" she's ever apologized to! LOL

I'm right there with ya with letting her have the icecream and such. Mom says she's the only cancer patient she knows who GAINS weight...and told her oncologist when he mentioned it "Well, you told me to eat, so I did!!" Now she's losing weight because she can't stand long enough to cook and doesn't really like what my step-dad cooks...so every once in a while we kids go up and cook a ton and let her eat as much as she'd like and stock her freezer with ice cream bars (ohhhhhhh those dove ones are GREAT). Last night she ate a biscuit and a half covered with creamed chicken. Yummmmm and I know she's had a good meal that will give her a little bit more energy.

Keep up the great work, Lori, and keep those laughs going! Much love and many prayers...

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Wow Lori...your post does my heavy heart such good! Sitting here with tears flooding my eyes reading your post. Several people (both in the hospital and hospice)in the last weeks of Dads illness would comment that they could "feel" the love in the room when they walked into his room - for some reason I could never truly comprehend what they were talking about because it seemed so cliche with all the other emotions that we were dealing with at the time. But sitting here reading your post it hit me... now I get it and it isn't cliche. I can truly "feel" the love when I read your post and it make my heart so happy! Thank you!!

As far as giving Mom ice cream (or anything else for that matter that makes her happy) - I say "YES & Good for you/Mom" and pray that you can continue to find something that makes her happy everyday! Dad loved ice cream (a love I unfortunately gained that shows on my thighs and butt...lol) and continued to have a tablespoon or so each night after his evening dip in the pool right up until the last couple nights. I say give her what makes her happy, after all what else is life supposed to be about :wink: ?

I know how HARD all this must be but I also know that you will NEVER for one moment reget any of this time. Each moment holds so many great treasures, even though they may be unrealized when they occur - one day you will know how precious they all are both the good and the not so good (not even gonna say bad because what seems bad now will change with time).

I'm so proud of you Lori and your entire family! You are doing amazing things for you mom. Your family is truly living one of my favorite quotes:

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love." ~Mother Teresa

Your great love shows Lori in all you do!


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