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Good Morning!


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I should be at work but my little boy is sick (or so he says). He seems to be having tummy issues, but I don't know if it's stress from Grandma's cancer or if he's really sick. If I let my imagnation run away with me, I can convince myself it's West Nile. We are going into the doctor this morning in any case.

He didn't feel well last night so I didn't go see my mom. I didn't want him to get her sick. They took her off the moriphine, and she was worried about the pain. SHe called and asked me to bring her some Tylenol (for some reason that makes me chuckle). I called and talked to the nurses who assured me that she is receiving darvocet regularly on is on a pain patch. Those pain patches, by the way, really seem to work wonders.

Here in Colorado it looks like a beautiful day. THe sky is blue and it's not supposed to be too hot. It's been difficult trying to help care for my mom when I feel like my hands are tied. I must say that I am looking forward to tending to a child with the flu.

Just wanted to pop on and send warm thoughts to all. Isn't it amazing what hope a fresh morning can bring?

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I'm three days late, sure hope it is still a beautiful in colorado. I love that state. Worked at the Cliff House the summer I was a college freshman. Had a great summer....Went back two years ago to see the Cliff House. It still looks the same. It is in Colorado Springs or Manitue (not sure anymore of that spelling).

My Buddy was on the pain patches for one day, it took his breath away. Had to tear them off of him....

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