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Wig Idea's for those in need

Connie B

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I thought it might be helpful to share some information about wigs for those in need.

If anyone else has idea's or places to get wigs, it would be nice to share that idea in this thread.

Here is where I got my wigs when I needed them.

PaulaYoung.com or 1-800-343-9695.

These are very reasonible priced wigs and very easy to care for and nice to wear also.

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I've bought 3 of them - 1 at tlc, 1 through Ebay (big mistake) and 1 through a wig store. How does anyone get used to wearing these things? I am having the worst time with them and keep ending up with a rash on my head! The one from the wig store was outrageously expensive (well over $1,500 but human hair) and it's the most annoying of all!

Any hints for wearing these? I've used wig caps but they seem to be too tight on my head although my head measures a petite to average. I buy average caps but they are still too tight. Thanks.

Susan L

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I also got mine from a wig store. (Susan, the one on Lee Highway - inside the Beltway, I think.) I hated mine, too. Couldn't keep it from sliding up in the back and down on my forhead. The woman said the back of my head was very flat. Don't think that didn't make me feel really good, too. I wore it to social events and the way I felt, there weren't many of those. I did wear it to FL just as my hair was coming back in. Miserable week in FL, bad weather and terrible wig. Most of the time I wore those cute little caps or hats. Had a couple I really liked and wore those to the grocery store, etc.

My sister-in-law had worn wigs years before before she needed one due to chemo. She loved them. And, looked gorgeous during chemo, too. My M-I-L loved wearing them in the 70s, too.

Good luck. As Sandra said, expensive doesn't make them better.


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Hi Linda and All,

Just wanted to mention to Linda I sent you an email response yesterday (3-10-09) to a post you made about 3 weeks ago. I don't know if you check your email, some people don't.

I have two wigs but enough hair to cover my scalp now so I'm going commando, lol. I think I look a bit like a little boy, but so it goes 8) . I hope to get highlights over spring break (i'm a special education teacher.)

I hope I won't need the wigs again...they are much nicer looking than my own hair, lol, and so easy. I may wear them from time to time even though i've got hair again.

I hope things are going well for you.

Warm Regards,


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