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Anyone with stage iv been to Dr. Castillo in Tijuana?


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I am hoping to hear some "good news" stories of anyone who has been to Mexico to see Dr. Castillo and had some success with it.

We are thinking that since the docs here have not given my Dad a very promising prognosis, that we would look elsewhere. He has tumor covering 80% of his liver now and has a couple of spots on the brain which they are giving him whole head radiation for. They say that his liver is shutting down but are not really prepared to do anything to help that. He has fluid in his abdomen and legs and I have been told by alternative doctors in Arizona that this should be their main concern right now.

Looking forward to your responses.

:lol: Tanya

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Guest Karen C

Tanya - I'm curious to see if anyone has. I read Dr. Castillo's book. Most of it anyway. It's a good book for some things he says seem a little far fetched to me. But he has plenty of good ideas, too.

Take care,

Karen C.

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