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Becky G, how you holding up?


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Thanks for asking. WEdnesday night I took my usual dose of steroids and yesterday felt like my old self again. Now I am taking half a dose each day instead of a full dose every other day. Last ngiht I was able to sleep. This morning I have the brain fog I had on Wednesday, but not as bad. I feel much better than I did Wednesday all over. Now I know why they wean you off steroids instead of just abruptly stopping them!

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Glad to hear things are better. I'm a bit slow...started chemo yesterday, but the premeds the day before: that's a big WooHoo on the Dexamethasone. I was just a little bit wired...had more energy than I've had in ages. And I woke up yesterday morning not needing supplimental oxygen for most of the day, except for the time they were infusing the Taxotere. Then I had to go back on the Oxygen. Shortly after I stopped the Taxotere and was on the Carboplatin I didn't need the O2 again for several hours. It was really nice not to be tied to a tank.

I've been thinking about you and yours and sending my best wishes your way.

Much affection,

Fay A.

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