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My cousin has been diagnosed with LC


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LCSC Family;

I just found out that our first cousin has been diagnosed with LC which has metastisized to her liver and lymph nodes and is unoperable. She will be starting chemo on Monday. She likes her medical team and they sound very aggressive as they are already looking into clinical trials. She beat breast cancer 6 years ago and has a great attitude toward this round.

Of course, I told her about this website and have encouraged her to come on over. She was very supportive when Terry (T-Bone) was ill.

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Hi Teacake,

We'll keep a light on for her.... I hope she will come here if she needs to find some courage through the tough times. As you know, we have so many who continue to thrive past a bleak diagnosis.

So sorry your family has been hit again. Enough is enough now.

Cindi o'h

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Hey there, Frannie. I guess it's appropriate that our first contact with each other after Susan's diagnosis is through this site. I wanted to call you today, but knew I couldn't have that conversation.

July really sucks, don't you think?

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Thanks, Everyone, for your kind words and the welcoming of Susan. She's a really great lady and will contribute to and receive loads from you folks.

Yep, Katha, July sucks.

By the way, that photo is of MY NIECES!!! who happen to be your daughters.

Love you,


P.S. Does Mama know?

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Yep, Mama knows. She called me yesterday (ViVi had called her as soon as she got my email) and told me to send Susan a message RIGHT THEN that she was thinking of her. And I did exactly what you'd have done if you'd gotten that call - I obeyed those orders!!

Thanks to all of you for your support through this. Heck - I'd posted a message in the Newcomers forum, cause I felt like that's where I belonged after all this time!!

Hopefully Susan will join us here soon. I can't imagine a better place to be.


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