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Obituary for My Mom -- Annie Helen Sadlow


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Annie Helen Sadlow, 75, a resident of Lacey for 15 years, passed away Thursday July 6, 2006. Annie was born the eldest of two daughters on May 10, 1931 in Olathe, Kansas to Miles Thompson and Mina Thomas. Under the guidance and example of her farming family, Annie grew up with deep roots of appreciation for the land, nature, and the cherished simplicity in life.

Annie graduated from the Kansas State University and received her RN in 1952 and spent her career years in several private practice medical offices in Kansas and Pennsylvania. Annie married Chester A. Sadlow on June 8, 1957 in Overland Park, Kansas and devoted the majority of her life to supporting the challenging needs of her husband’s career and raising her family. Annie resided in Kansas until 1958 and then called Pennsylvania home until 1991, with the majority of those years spent in rural communities surrounding Pittsburgh, PA. The retirement of her husband afforded Annie the opportunity to live the remainder of her years where she wanted to be: Washington state.

Love and admiration for horses was Annie’s passion, in particular the magic and wonder of the Arabian breed. Throughout her adult life, Annie always enjoyed the Arabians she owned, bred, raised, and showed. She was tireless in her personal study and knowledge about the breed, and no one was more moved by what comes from that special bond of oneness between a horse and a human than Annie.

Annie is survived by her daughter, Linda Sadlow of Lacey. She was preceded in death by her husband, sister, parents, and grandparents.

Visitation with family and friends will be held on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Masonic Center, 521 North Street SE, Tumwater. Burial will be at the Masonic Memorial Park.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial donations be made to either, or both, of the following:

(1) The Sadlow Irrevocable Trust (donations, made payable to the trust, may be made at Key Bank or mailed to the family). Established in 2006, this trust carries on the legacy of Annie’s passion for the oneness between a horse and a human. The trust was created for the sole benefit of one young horsewoman in whom Annie saw the same passion, dedication, and admiration for horses that she possessed in her life.

(2) The Lung Cancer Support Community, Post Office Box 1205, Euless, Texas 76039-1205 (www.lchelp.org). Currently heavily dependent on private donation, this 501 © (3) non-profit online support community was, and continues to be, integral in patient/family support and helping the family learn, advocate, and cope with the unique issues surrounding Annie’s illness.

Mom's picture is on the online version of this obituary at: http://www.funeralalternatives.org/Obit ... bitKey=509

There is the opportunity to leave online condolences there as well.


P.S. I had just barely got mom's irrevocable trust all done before she passed (like last week :shock: ) for the teenage horsewoman mentioned in here -- with the financial support to show now, that gal is currently at the Regional level (Region top 5 just this week) and, as of yesterday, is now qualified to go to Canadian Nationals in 3 areas of show with her horse (mom gave her the horse about 3 years ago). It's making a huge difference in this gal's dream.

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Hi Linda,

She certainly had a full life. She was a beautiful lady. She is with all those who passed before her including her husband. She certainly is a peace now.

Please accept my condolences.


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