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Dr. can't find tumor. No treatments... wasting disease?

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Drs. can't find Dad's tumor. They found it first in April. Did tests slowly. Diagnosed him on June 28 (adenocarcinoma stage IIIB) and started talking about treatments. He has had terrible pain and wasting disease. He just started morphine and was getting some strength back at home. A few days ago he was so weak and pitiful he asked to go back to the hospital. Tests were done again and the tumor....is gone..?

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Wasting disease Is called Cachexia in the scientific world. I have looked in to this disease for someone else here and this is my main finding. Everything points to same treatment plan Fish Oil and this Amino Acid as well. Click on the link below and it will take you to the link:


Hope this might help some. Are the Drs sure the tumout is gone or is it just shrinking by chance. Sending Prayers.

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Definitely get a second opinion on this. Although I have high regard for doctors and their talents, second opinions do no harm, only good. I'm praying that your Dad regains strength. Eating even little portions and staying hydrated will help him tremendously. I drank alot of Ensure when I felt I couldn't eat. Prayers going your way.


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Just wanted to let you know you and your dad are in my thoughts. Hopefully now that he is able and willing to eat and take the Ensure and/or Boost his strength will return quickly and that tumour will remain GONE!!

Positive thoughts and prayers to you,


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