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sclc question


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I just wanted to vent. I find more and more that the initial treatment for sclc is "cisplatin + etoposide", for everyone diagnosed, extensive disease or not. This has been the treatment of choice for more than 20 years!!! After this treatment fails, they try anything and everything to try to stop the disease progression. Almost nothing works. And that's for the last 20 years!!!

Cancer research is so advanced these days, they're finding new solutions for lots of cancers, for some even cures. How come sclc is still being treated with the same chemo for more than 20 years and there is so little research being done?

Any input?

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Because lung cancer is a cancer that's self inflicted. It's not politically correct for them to divert research funding to the #1 killer because we bring this upon ourselves. People are discovering however, that you don't have to be a smoker to get LC. Additionally, most folks don't survive LC long enough to give congress a good fight or vote!

There are organizations on the 'Hill' that lobby for us everyday. I encourage everyone to find them and help support them through donations or whatever means possible.


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Here is what i was told by the Nurses when my wife was going through Treatment. They told me that SCLC is such a rapidly growing Cancer and divides so rapidly and thus is impossible to have any certainty of stopping it or containing it. It appear's the stronger your immune system is the better your chances of surviving 2 year's. They also told me it was one of there most frustrating Cancer's to deal with. I also am in total agreement with Darell.. This is my thought's and right now being as it is a politically incorrect desease our best hope is to recieve a spin off in treatment's from other drug's that are proving successfull and i realize this comment will bring many negative feeling's due to the fact as a Nation we've been convinced only our Goverment know's how thing's ought to be done and in my Honest Opinion that is absolutelty wrong thinking. If you'll just take notice that almost every time our Goverment stick's there nose into any thing it end's up costing more and worse.Remember Cable TV that the Goverment said there law's they passed would bring the cost down and the latest is they decide that Grain Alcohol should be used in gasoline instead of i can't remember the other stuff that California said caused Cancer and polluted water, well now there is a shortage of it(the Alcohol) and the prices are climbing. I say let the free market work and i'll bet you in no time most Cancer's will be treatable...

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I've wondered about research and lack of advancement in the treatement of SCLC. Maybe, for one reason, only 20% of lc is of the SCLC type, so more research goes into finding a cure for the 80%. Please go to the ASCO website to find pertinent information regarding SCLC research. It's interesting. there are articles that address this issue.


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Here's my take (for what it's worth). Lung cancer is the b*stard stepchild of the cancer world and SCLC is the b*stard stepchild of the lung cancer world. It doesn't get much worse than that. Why??? I think the comment about the 20% is right on target. I also think that given the huge death rate from Lung cancer overall, the advocates for research and funding aren't around. Caregivers are probably so tired by the end of it all that they have no fight left to lobby Congress, etc. for better funding. I don't know... I'm rambling... It just cheeses me off because, not only is my husband a LC survivor, but my best friend is fighting extensive SCLC and --- bingo --- is receiving "cisplatin + etoposide" too.

Moving into politically incorrect areas now for those sensitive viewers. If lung cancer is viewed by society as a disease that "you caused yourself", then why has so much money been poured into AIDS research?? Wouldn't they both be considered a "behavior based" illness? Somehow different standards apply even if they are not true in the least. Frosts my buns...

Stepping off my soapbox now. The best I can say is to circulate the petition to Congress and the Pres available at the Lung Cancer Alliance website so our voices can be heard in DC.


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Turst me when I say, it isn't just Small Cell LC that doesn't get much funding, the same goes for NSCLC. :roll::twisted:

However, I have talked to seveal Onc Doc's about this and they shared with me that they have tried other drugs (chemo's) on Small Cell and have had NO LUCK with them. :roll::(

There are a handful of researches that are taking an interest in this,(lung cancer research) but like anything, there's not enough of them. :x We need to make NOISE and we NEED TO BE HEARD! Jump on the Advocacy Boat and join in with many of us that feel the same way you do.

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