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Guest My time

I am a 44 year oldmother of two. Son and daughter. Married 22 years to a wonderful devoted family man. I had Hodgkins 24 years ago and was cured. I recently had short of breathe and went to ER and had a plueral effusion positive for adenocarcinoma lung cancer stage 3B.Recently two spots on on hip and neck. The hip was radiated. The cancer was caused by the high doses of radiation i had years ago. I am going to my 5th chemo taxol, carbo and avastian. I have had to stop work and I am so lost and scared. There are not many stats on post radiation cancer and I can't have surgery or traditional radiation, my body will reject it. I try to stay up beat and positive and the Dr have only giving me positive news. I am so afraid of not seeing my kids grow up they are 11 and 12.I feel like a financial burden and I am so tired sometimes I can't do simple things. I have been reading your stories and I pray and hope I will be a survivor. Thanks

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Hey Mytime,

Please don't give up hope!!! You fought an incredible battle w/ Hodgkins and won!!!!

I too am an oldmother, my husband is even an olderfather at 53, our girls are 8 and 11. So I know all too well about the fears.

Please understand you are not a statistic, everyone is unique, but I am glad you found lcsc, please don't hesitate to come around, ask ?, chat.

**please check out the following website....to see what I mean..



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I My Time,

Sorry you have the need to find us, but I'm glad we can be here for you.

Read my profile below. I was 43 when I was dx.d.

You ARE a SURVIVOR! And PLEASE PLEASE DON'T read the stats! The stats your reading are at least 5 years old. Even those at NCI. There are new treatments coming down the pike every day.

I know how hard it is to stay positive, but we all know that's half the battle. Sounds like your doc's are willing to fight the fight with you. That's a good thing!! BABY STEPS and ONE DAY AT A TIME! These are things I learned after being dx.d with lung cancer.

Holler when you need an ear.

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Hello My Time and welcome!

I am sorry you had reason to find this site, but glad that you have. As you can see already, this is a wonderful place to get answers, advice, and most importantly, support.

We are here for you and will do our best to be by your side as you take this journey. Being that you beat this horrible disease once, there is no reason to think you cannot do it again. We will not let you give up!!

Sendin you prayers for strength and courage as well as tons of postive thoughts,


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Welcome MyTime,

I am so sorry that you have to be here in the first place, but please know you have faced battles before, and miracles were granted. There is nothing to say it can't happen again! Stay strong, and know you have tons of support here. The people are amazing.

How are your children? How are they coping? I taught middle schoolers for a while, 6th grade, and I know they are at an age to understand all of this, while also becoming so independent. I pray that your family is strong and that you find peace, healing, and strength.

God bless,


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Welcome to our "little clan." I am sorry that you had to find us, but am so glad that you did. We will be here every step of the way. Those kids are gonna make sure you are around for them..inhale their love, embrace their hope and innocence -- it will get you through this (and when it doesn't, we will!)

With lots of love,


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Hey Girl!


Some days and some moments get tough, for sure. You have a great attitude and are a fighter; you've proved it once already.

I was 46 at dx and stage 111b. Now I am 51, getting fatter, more wrinkles, gray hair and much sass! I hope for you the same! lol!

Lots of hope and inspiration. We just get through the best we can with what is put in front of us, right?

Glad you found us!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Lori,

You kicked it in the butt once and you WILL do it again. LC is not a death sentence as there are sooooo many survivors on this site.

Put on those boxing gloves, get ready for the fight of your life and keep a positive attitude along with faith. Faith doesn't get you around trouble, it gets you through it.

We are always here for support or questions you may have.

Keep us posted,

Maryanne :wink:

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My Time,

Welcome although sorry you have to be here. I've recently joined this group after recently being diagnosed and the folks that take part in this board are probably the most wonderful people I have ever encountered. There is alot of heart to go around. First I must say "Can God just wait until we have raised our children before doing this". I'm 40 and just had my third child 7 and a half months ago. My oldest is 12 and the middle one is 6. They need me around awhile and yours need you so stay positive. There seems to be alot of us going through this with little ones at home. Sounds like you have fought this fight before so you'll do it again and if you need to talk to anyone about managing the kids when all you want to do is stay in bed..e-mail me..and I'll tell you what is not working for me, I haven't figured it out yet and keep trying. One thing I have recently discovered, a sense of humor is a pre-requisite to fighting cancer.

I'll be thinking and praying for you.

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My Time,

sorry I must have missed this post originally. Welcome. You've come to the right place. Take it a moment at a time. You already ARE a survivor.

I am saying a praying for successful treatment for you. Keep us posted ok? We really do care here.

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